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Selection and Recruting/ fashion designer - Essay Example

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This is one of the external recruitment methods, widely used in identifying and hiring appropriate candidates. Campus recruitment is a type of recruitment by visiting college campuses. In this case the…
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Selection and Recruting/ fashion designer
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Selection and Recruiting/Fashion Designer Affiliation with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact
Selection and Recruiting/Fashion Designer
Part 1 – Recruiting and Selecting:
The method used here to recruit a Fashion Designer is campus recruitment. This is one of the external recruitment methods, widely used in identifying and hiring appropriate candidates. Campus recruitment is a type of recruitment by visiting college campuses. In this case the recruiters will visit reputed fashion designing institutions, universities and colleges with the aim of selecting potential job candidates who possess the required professional skills. Job seekers are given details about jobs available. The recruiters get an idea of job seekers through stable interchange of data between particular institutions. “The role of human resource recruitment is to build a supply of potential new hires that the organization can draw on if the need arises” (Noe et al. 2012). A first round screening is held within the fashion designing institutions and selected students are then subjected to the remaining activities involved in the process of selection. Due to the increasing demand for managers, most reputed institutions view campus recruitment “as different from traditional methods where job seekers approach employers in this process, the employers themselves visit various high profile institutes in search of energetic upcoming talent” (Campus Recruitment Advantages and Disadvantages, 2012). If campus recruitment is used, steps must be taken by the department of human resource to ensure that recruiters are knowledgeable about the jobs that are to be filled, the institutions as well as recognize efficient interviewing skills. Following are the guidelines of campus recruitment used by fashion designers:
Recognize the probable candidates immediately
Employ different means to attract candidates
Use efficient recruitment material
Offer guiding to campus interviews.
Selection usually involves a series of steps. Each one has to be effectively cleared before the candidate progresses to the next one. The time and importance placed on each step will certainly vary from one institution to the other and indeed, from job to job in the same institution. If the fashion designer is talented and creative as well as with an artistic bent, clearly the result is highly improved. “This method can then be worked upon in order to develop and improve it for the best of purposes. Irrespective of the stages in the design process there are certain factors which have to be dealt with before starting the works” (Sarkar, 2012). A preliminary interview is normally planned by large fashion designing firms to cut the cost of selection by permitting only qualified candidates to move on to the next phases in the selection process. Beside this interview method Analogous tests also used to select appropriate candidate for this post. The analogous tests may measure new trends and fashion skill required for the particular post. These tests designed to create work. The candidates who works best in the test is recruited on the statement that he or she will perform best in the real work. This is one of the common methods used to select fashion designers.
A junior manager from the personnel department can elicit responses from the candidates on significant items such as the appropriateness of a candidate for a job. For example age, educational qualification, working experience, skill, expectation salary, location etc. If the department finds out that the particular candidate is suitable, a prescribed application form is given to them, which is to be filled and submitted.
Interview Questions:
What do you mean by fashion?
What are some of your endeavors as a designer?
What concerns do you mainly have as a fashion designer?
How would you describe your personal style?
What are your fashion objectives?
What other understanding do you have about the fashion industry?
What are your favorite models to employ with and why?
If you are selected for the job what benefits would this industry attain?
In this paper, fashion designer is selected through a campus interview. The guidelines and steps of campus recruitment are being discussed here. By recognizing the probable candidates early and with proper employment of different means and material, the industry can attract efficient candidates.
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