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Spin master - Case Study Example

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The success of Spin master emanates from their willingness to use innovations, research on the marketable toys on the world, and to take reasonable risks. Indeed, their decision to transform the pantyhosed sprouting head to an urban adventurer image espoused by Roots Canada Ltd…
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Spin master
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Extract of sample "Spin master"

Spin Master The success of Spin master emanates from their willingness to use innovations, research on the marketable toys on the world, and to take reasonable risks. Indeed, their decision to transform the pantyhosed sprouting head to an urban adventurer image espoused by Roots Canada Ltd was a major breakthrough as they received 500, 000 orders from USA. Subsequently, the decision to move the production to Harary’s factory with 20 workers working 24 hours was significant in meeting the demand of the toys. The decision to carry out grassroots marketing campaign by the students was equally significant as it improved sales. The decision to take up the air-pressured airplane and developing it to Sky Shark was a noble decision as they received a nomination to the great innovators of the time. It also licenses world’s leading toy companies to drive growth and diversity. Additionally, reinventing 60 % of its product line and carrying out research on the marketability of its products spin master remains viable.
Looking at the decision environment, these decisions follow a Programme in that they follow a defined sequence from production to marketing, to meeting market demand, to embracing innovation for purposes of gaining competitive advantage and going concern. However, the decision to license other leading toy companies might be a problem for them in the future since these companies have a huge customer base, network, and capital that may limit Spin master’s market in the future. Additionally, the idea of linking with investors, marketers, manufacturers, distributors, and toy brand licensors may lead them to lose the aspect of specialization in the future thus demeaning their success. Moreover, the idea of harnessing world ideas than creating one’s ideas and the lack of consistent information and efficient IT infrastructure could result to a future problem as it denies spin master capacity to make timely and effective decisions. Read More
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Spin Master Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Spin Master Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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