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Leadership Communication - Coursework Example

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The paper "Leadership Communication" states that psychoanalytical aspects of rationalizing activities in business may give rise to the contradiction between beliefs, thought processes, and attitudes within the management. This will create an “uncomfortable state of tension”…
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Leadership Communication
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Extract of sample "Leadership Communication"

Logic and psychology have paramount importance in leadership development. Modern management seeks to explore the behaviorist tendencies of the leader so that the conjectures related to organizational behavior can be readily solved. The tendency to do irresponsible things and then looking for excuses seriously harm the scope of leadership development and credibility. In this context, rationalizing can be regarded as an important factor from the logical and psychoanalytical perspectives of business leadership.
Research Question
Rationalizing is a common problem used in all types of organizations. We saw this especially with the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Describe at least three pros and three cons of rationalizing. Propose a method to deal with the cons of rationalizing.
Pros of Rationalizing
1. In some situations, ethical practices may undermine an organization’s public image since such practices may leak information on internal problems. Rationalizing may be used to keep the appearance of the organization upbeat vis-à-vis public relations practitioners and media.
2. Rationalizing may provide the temporary psychological advantage that may culminate at positive stress.
Cons of Rationalizing
1. Rationalizing would eventually give rise to a tendency of avoiding the truth and furnishing wrongful explanations.
2. The leader may indulge in tricky reasoning with the help of rationalization. This increases the risk of exploitation and exhaustion of the confused subordinates, which will eventually lead to decreased productivity.
Since rationalizing involves a tactical use of lies, it cannot be ethically justified and hence it is quite a problematic behavior in the course of leadership development. Smith and Sharma (2002, p. 197) have stated that “organizations currently operate with a façade of rationality, ignoring emotional reality.” Ethical practices and emotional intelligence must be encouraged to counter tendencies to avoid the truth and create excessive workload from the perspective of the leader. In order to bring about responsible behavior on the part of the leaders (e.g. departmental bosses), the organization itself must behave in a socially responsible way. Read More
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Leadership Communication Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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