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Managing Assets and Resources in the Digital Firm - Essay Example

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Even though information systems are place to generally solve pertinent technology based problems at the work place, their mere presence at the workplace does not bring about the desired change. The fact of the matter remains that these information systems ought to be selected…
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Managing Assets and Resources in the Digital Firm
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Extract of sample "Managing Assets and Resources in the Digital Firm"

MANAGING ASSETS AND RESOURCES IN THE DIGITAL FIRM Even though information systems are place to generally solve pertinent technology based problems atthe work place, their mere presence at the workplace does not bring about the desired change. The fact of the matter remains that these information systems ought to be selected and regulated by following strict framework of action and implementation. A typical example of the framework is the one outlined by Damsgaard et al as the “Seven Principles for Selecting Software Packages”. In their opinion, purchasers of software must understand hat they belong to a larger network of end users. With this understanding, it becomes necessary to have a long term perspective that clearly states what one wants out of the network. By so doing, the identification of number of software needed and the scope of usage becomes clearly defined. Subsequently, managers become motivated to focus their attention on the exact demands and aspirations of their organizations without having to look into the interest of other people. In effect, the selection will be done based on one’s capacity in terms of accessibility of knowledge and standardization. Finally, the need to update systems according to the options available to the organization becomes necessary. Indeed, most information systems have failed because they did not consider the prime and exact interest of the companies in which they were set up and this is what the framework seems to address – the need to for individualism (Damsgaard et al., 2010, p. 70). It can be realized that the framework presented by Damsgaard follows a principle that follows the chronological implementation strategy whereby the workability given software are exemplified using step by step progress analysis plan (Flyod, 2009). Moreover, all results presented by the group are based on empirical research that can be substantiated. To this end, it is recommended that the principles and framework be adapted for use.
Damsgaard et al. (2010). Seven Principles for Selecting Software Packages. Communications of the ACM, Vol. 53 No. 8, Pages 63-71
Flyod, T. A. (2009). Principles of Information System Set Ups. New York: Print Well Publications Read More
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