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Change Strategies AND Change Program - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Change is considered as only thing which is constant for the organizations because if organizations fail to deal with the changing environment, their overall survival may be doomed. However, change may not come itself as there may be different forces which can effectively an…
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Change Strategies AND Change Program
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Extract of sample "Change Strategies AND Change Program"

Download file to see previous pages Change management process however is a dynamic process as organizations have to maintain a balance between those forces in order to ensure that change process completes its required objectives. Due to dynamic nature of the change process, there are also certain factors or forces which actually have an impact on the change process as such. This paper will therefore discuss those forces for change process.
1. The overall nature of the change itself is one of the key forces which determine the way change process is going to perform. If change is relatively big and organization wants to achieve bigger results, it can do so by setting up right kind of resources but if change is not big enough organization can optimize its resources. The overall change process therefore largely depends upon the nature and extent of change itself.
2. Resistance to Change by the people: people are one of the most important parts of the overall change process and they can either define the success or failure of any change process. People can reshape the overall change process and can even end the change process. It is therefore important that organization should give due consideration to planning for managing people during change process. People can resist to change or can create people related errors which can hamper the overall change process.
3. Culture of the organization is also another factor which can reshape the way overall change process to be performed within the organization. If culture is not supportive of the change itself, organization may first need to change its culture before actually undertaking the actual process of change. This would require organization to focus more on improving its culture and amend it in ways which can support the overall objectives of the organization.
Change as a process is relatively dynamic process and every organization need to pay attention to managing change in effective manner. In order to deal with the change strategically, it is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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