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Strategic Change Management (Ansewr 6 questions) - Assignment Example

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System defines the procedure to do important organizational tasks and it is complemented by various functional units such as financial system, human resource system, marketing system and human resource system.
Scandinavian Airlines has already adopted Kotter’s change model in…
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Strategic Change Management (Ansewr 6 questions)
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Extract of sample "Strategic Change Management (Ansewr 6 questions)"

Download file to see previous pages High attrition rate and staff downsizing strategy of Airline company’s crates impact on defence mechanism of Airline staff.
Southwest Airlines has applied clarity system as a part of Kurt Lewins Change Management Model to decrease resistance about newly implemented software system. The company has changed existing Microsoft Excel reporting pattern by implementing Hyperion Essbase model of financial budgeting. The company did the change in order to decrease overall reporting cost.
The logic model of synergy theory describes sustainable change as participation multi level actors (local and global, top level, mid level and ground level management). This model not only increases communication scope but decreases change resistance also.
British Airways used Kurt Lewin’s change management model in order to create positive impact on their business policy. In the unfreeze stage they downsized the workforce in order to decrease hierarchical levels. In the change phase British Airways altered internal system and provided incentives to absorb the shock effect. In the refreeze stage BA integrated customer satisfaction with individual objective of key members of organizational hierarchy. They refurbished uniform of staff and aircraft design as a part of change management process.
The market demand for Airline industry has been dented due to sovereign debt crisis and economic recession. Airline industry has lost more than $25bn (£16bn) in last ten years (Milmo, Topham, and Roberts, 2012).
Companies are competing with each other in order to achieve competitive edge such as low cost service delivery, fast service delivery, expanded destination service, fleet size and many others. For example, Southwest Airlines has achieved the competitive edge of lowest fare in comparison to other players in the market.
The new airline group formed by the merger is the sixth largest airline service in the world in terms of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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