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Learning the Different Aspects of Critical Thinking - Essay Example

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 This essay "Learning the Different Aspects of Critical Thinking" discusses an organization development practitioner entails assisting clients and organization employees. The essay analyses the elements of critical thinking have the potential of enabling him to understand data and facts…
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Learning the Different Aspects of Critical Thinking
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Extract of sample "Learning the Different Aspects of Critical Thinking"

 Clarity enables one to come up with new ideas since it enhances creative thinking. Accuracy helps in establishing the truthfulness of the information. Relevance helps recognize other people’s perspectives. Logic enables one to identify the consequences of different decisions. Significance helps in decision making since it helps identify the most appropriate options (Paul, Elder, & Foundation of Critical Thinking, 2001).

An OD practitioner who does not practice critical thinking is at the risk of making an unsuitable decision based on assumption. Without critical thinking, an OD practitioner would be incapable of understanding the purpose of his job from other external purposes and might end up choosing other insignificant and unrealistic purposes. The OD practitioner may not be in a position to seek, identify, and evaluate the right point of view and might end up being biased (Paul, Elder, & Foundation of Critical Thinking, 2001).
The sections of the guide that hold the most potential for refinement my thought process include the problem of egocentric thinking and the elements of critical thinking. Understanding the problems associated with egocentric think was important in that it enabled me to identify the importance of other peoples of view. I would, for example, apply this concept in identifying when my thoughts may not be realistic. An example of a future application would be able to figure out questions, my point of view, seek other people’s points of view, and evaluate them to come up with the appropriate solution (Paul, Elder, & Foundation of Critical Thinking, 2001).  Read More
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