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Job Security between India and Japan - Essay Example

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Job security is one of the features of the leading context of the Industrial Relations. With respect to the modern concepts of IR and its comparative practices,…
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Job Security between India and Japan
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Extract of sample "Job Security between India and Japan"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover, the current report will also execute the theoretical and practical implications of the IR transformation outlook.
The laws of employment dominating India, the newly industrialized country are of a safeguarding nature to the employees. They permit the policies of workers’ retrenchment or lay-offs but only with government’s approval. On the other hand, the condition of labor in Japan, the advance-industrialized country, gives a differing outlook. The practices of labor, there, depict distinguishing aspects, of which, the most prominent is the ‘lifetime employment’. This assists the workers in the provision of beneficial behavior by hiring those schools, maintaining retaining, and developing them in the companies or organizations until they are 55-60 years. This provision of lifetime guarantee does not require the workers to sign any particular contract and is flexible towards the employees throughout their job.
Various researches and studies regarding the employment security in India depict that the rate of unemployment in India is higher than that of Japan. The Indian Government is responsible to formulate the laws of industrial relations. Some of such IR laws prevailing in India are worth mentioning in the context of the report. Moreover, the IR laws in India are distinguished by the Industrial Relations laws of other countries through the feature that it does not provide for trade unions to be acknowledged as the collective bargaining agents.
Under the TUA, only registering of the union does not give it the status of a legal and autonomous representative of the employees in the organization (Sarkar 2011). The Industrial Law makes it mandatory for the government to interfere in tackling any disputes that emerge in the organizations and its activities. According to the provisions of the Industrial Disputes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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