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Paper on Beijing EAPS Consulting Inc(BEC) - Essay Example

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Although the company is enjoying the benefits of continuous growth, it is faced with communication problems resulting from its increasing number of employees. In addition, the company is facing communication problems at higher levels of management.
The current challenges…
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Paper on Beijing EAPS Consulting Inc(BEC)
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Extract of sample "Paper on Beijing EAPS Consulting Inc(BEC)"

Paper on Beijing EAPS Consulting Inc (BEC) Introduction EAPs Consulting Inc (BEC) is a consultant company based in Beijing. The company has increased the number of its employees to cope with the current needs for rapid expansion.
EAPS consulting Inc has adopted a matrix organizational structure as a strategy to enable it meets its stretched goals and objectives (Biggs, 2010, pp. 189).
Although the company is enjoying the benefits of continuous growth, it is faced with communication problems resulting from its increasing number of employees. In addition, the company is facing communication problems at higher levels of management.
The current challenges present significant opportunities for the company. However, the opportunities are long term and the company will achieve full benefits by establishing appropriate solution to the problems. It is evident that immediate problems facing the company demonstrate weaknesses in the company’s management systems and strategies.
The Company should adopt a flexible communication system in order to improve communication between its manager and workers. Such system would allow workers to consult any of the managers in case of difficulties. In addition, company workers should avoid taking multiple projects in order to reduce their workload. Finally, the company should consider establishing an explicit information system that can be applied by all employees. The company should also advocate for specialization among its workers and managers.
BEC’s is likely to solve its management challenges by establishing an effective and supportive communication system between its workers and managers.
Biggs, D. (2010). Management Consulting: A Guide for Students. New York: Sage. Read More
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