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The irrational side of change - Essay Example

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Kotter (1996, p.23) points out that the success of any change program in an organization is influenced by several factors that must be taken into consideration by managers who try implement organizational change. Most change strategies that have been implemented in different…
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The irrational side of change
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Extract of sample "The irrational side of change"

THE IRRATIONAL SIDE OF CHANGE of Kotter (1996, p.23) points out that the success of any change program in an organization is influenced by several factors that must be taken into consideration by managers who try implement organizational change. Most change strategies that have been implemented in different organizations have failed because the leaders failed to realize the key factors that determine the success of change. There are four main conditions that must be fulfilled before the employees embrace institutional change. These conditions include; narrating a compelling story to the employees, capability building, role modeling by the managers that enable the employees realize the new change of character in their seniors and reinforcement of different mechanisms within the organization.
Human nature is usually the major determinant of the level of success in implementing change in an organization. Human nature can hinder the successful implementation of change through the application of the four conditions explained in achieving success. In telling a compelling story, it is likely that not all employees will be impressed it. It is evident that a story that motivates one person will not have the same motivation on another employee. It is important that the employees get to narrate their own change story rather than the leaders being the ones to do so because the employees will be more committed to the result. In role modeling, the executives often believe that they are the core determinants of change in the organization without realizing that they too need to change (Price & Lawson, P. 15, 2003).
To realize change it is important that various structures, processes, and systems are reinforced which can be achieved by rewarding the employees on the achievements unexpectedly. This will have a great impact on the organization’s performance because the impression is likely to last in them (Priestland & Hanig, p.113, 2005). Capability building is usually important in implementing change among the employees because what employees feel, belief and think will significantly drive their behavior. Skill building is important in implementing change but the employees should be allowed to practice what they learn and that barriers that hinder employees from practicing new skills should be eliminated.
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Priestland. A, and Hanig, R, 2005, "Developing first-level leaders," Harvard Business Review, Volume 83, Number 6, pp. 112-20. Read More
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The Irrational Side of Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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