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Christians should take more interest in ethics - Assignment Example

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It is also referred as a particular theory related to the moral values. Ethics usually pertain to the underlying principles in relation to conduct that is to ascertain…
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Christians should take more interest in ethics
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Extract of sample "Christians should take more interest in ethics"

Christians Should Take More Interest in Ethics Thesis ment The paper would intend to focus on the importance and need of Christian Ethics forthe reason of entailing it in the regular economic activities to prevent further financial crises in the future.
From a general perspective, ethics is stated to be a collection or range of moral values as well as principles. It is also referred as a particular theory related to the moral values. Ethics usually pertain to the underlying principles in relation to conduct that is to ascertain good and bad conducts (Tardo, “Studies In Christian Ethics Syllabus”).
Ethics from a Christian perspective relates to the learning of the practices and the standards relating to right as well as wrong deeds by considering the Scriptures. Ethics is considered to be an imperative part of the Christians as the teachings of Jesus were believed to be theological along with being ethical.
According to Brit Hume, the recent financial crisis was a result of unethical behavior that was conducted with regard to the functioning of the financial markets, government, lending banks and lastly the public. It becomes imperative to be stated in this regard that the proper pursuance of the commandments in bible by the Christians would have checked such an occurrence. It has been stated by Exodus 20:15 under the eighth commandment that one should not steal. This implies that one should not earn by stealing from others or in an unethical way (Long, “Christian Ethics: A Very Short Introduction”). According to the laws stated under the deuteronomic code, 25:13-16 laid down the need of ordering just weights as well as measures. This implies that there needs to exist an honest and ethical relationship between the trader and the customers focusing on a fair policy of pricing (Hall, “Deuteronomy”). It has also been stated by Luke 19:1 in this regard that salvation is deserved by all the individuals even in case of unethical conducts as all individuals are considered to be equal in the eyes of god (Alexander, “Christianity and Ethics”).
The above teachings as stated in the bible evidently focus on the aspect of ethics and the way it should guide and direct the behavior of the individuals. Therefore, the practice of the teachings of Jesus or the Christian ethics is believed to ensure the practice of ethics even in case of economic activities which would further prevent the occurrences of such financial crises in the future.
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