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World Leaders - Essay Example

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Henry Ford is one of the greatest leaders of industrial revolution and termed as a leader who entirely transformed the industrial production process. Henry Ford is known as an industrialist from the first half of the twentieth century and the founder of automaker company…
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World Leaders
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Extract of sample "World Leaders"

Download file to see previous pages is method in the early 1910 revolutionized American industry by promoting mass consumption and allows it to produce more than 15 million copies of the Model T automobile. Through his industrial leadership capability, Ford became one of the richest and most famous figures of his time. The paper discusses the profile of Henry Ford as one of the model leader of nineteenth century and explores his transformational leadership style. The paper also discusses leadership characteristics demonstrated by Henry Ford and aspects of servant leadership.
Transformational leadership is the key aspect of Henry Ford’s leadership. Transformational leadership of Henry Ford is depicted by the particular success of Fordism which was based on the philosophy of rationalization and standardization. Rationalization is the decomposition of the activity of the worker into elementary tasks which allows an industrial process to work on machine tools specialist. This leads to a simplification and standardization of gestures and a consequent increase in productivity (Alizon, Shooter and Simpson, 2009). Ford was a pioneer in this industrial philosophy and transformed the entire face of automotive industry of the time. Standardization in the Ford factories is was pushed to the extreme that only the Model T was produced, and even that only in black because of its fast drying time. This favored not only an increase in production but also the geographic expansion of the Model T as standard parts could easily be sent for repair.
According to Maxwell (2009), Ford possessed three essential qualities possessed by a transformational leader. Ford developed a unique vision of the future of the organization that encouraged subordinates to work harder to achieve that vision (Maxwell, 2009). Ford also possessed excellent communication skills and was ready to rally employees to his cause which distinguished him as a prominent transformational leader. Ford also possessed confidence in his vision which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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