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Identified Limitations and Threats to Validity - Essay Example

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Results from the research can then be assumed to represent the reality. Effects observed in the study are a true reflection of reality without any interference by extraneous factor…
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Identified Limitations and Threats to Validity
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Extract of sample "Identified Limitations and Threats to Validity"

Internal and external Validity Affiliation Internal and external Validity Quantitative Research Mitchell and Jolley explain that full validity is established by eliminating all threats. Results from the research can then be assumed to represent the reality. Effects observed in the study are a true reflection of reality without any interference by extraneous factor. The study aimed at measuring the impact of CSR on the purchasing behavior of customers. Selection is one threat to internal validity. It was assumed the participants were honest about their purchasing behavior and they understood the questionnaires given. History between the company and the consumers can influence their decisions. Corporate associations determine the information the person holds about the company, which determines the responses given in a questionnaire. The participants were at least 18 years old, and lived in Lima. This selection predisposes the respondents to certain outcomes. Reliability is affected by the stability of collected data. The responses of the recipient are bound to change during different periods. External validity refers to the extent to which the findings can be extended to other areas. The respondents were selected randomly and came only from Lima. Their responses could therefore fail to cover the behavior of customers in other cities and countries (Marquina, 2007).
Questionnaires are effective for collecting large amounts of data. In this case, over 600 customers participated and each answered 32 questions. In this way the researcher was able to collect large amounts of customer views. Correlation between the different sets of data could be used to determine its reliability. However, respondents might not be willing to give responses. The researcher used two interview phases to using the same subjects. This provided more accurate responses.
Qualitative Research
Interviews can be used for qualitative research. A research for CSR utilization in Nigeria used interviews as the source of information. The research method affects the quality of results collected. In this case interviews were used and the interviewer cross-examined respondents for detailed answers. In this way, the researcher collects detailed information regarding the study question. The same interview questions were used, and the previous interviewees could discuss the questions with others. This influenced their view regarding CSR in the country. The environment of the interviewees determines the quality of answers they give. In this case the respondents came from different sectors and the answers given depend on their knowledge about CSR. Respondents were from Glo Mobile, Celtel, Astro Soccer Nigeria, and UBA. The respondents have different interpretation of study questions and methods. Their responses depend on how well they understand the questions, which might not coincide with the real situation. The respondents were drawn from different sectors and had different IQ and interpretation skills. The responses from the interview cannot be applied to all sectors. The respondents were drawn from banks and SMEs. The results are not applicable to telecommunication or manufacturing sectors due to their diversity (Helg, 2007).
The author used different correspondents from different sectors. This broadens the experience and environment of the respondents. At times, respondents might not be willing to give full details. The interviews were also conducted in different areas such as offices and restaurants to expose the residents to different environments and make them more willing to give their comments. The interview process is effective for gathering a wide variety of responses. The interviewer asked several open ended questions to increase the range of possible responses.
Helg, A. (2007). Corporate social responsibility from a Nigerian Perspective. Management and
Organization. Handelshogskolan
Marquina, P. (2007). Measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility on consumer
behavior: the case of Peruvian consumers. Human capital, innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America’s competitiveness. Doctoral Consortium.
Mitchell, M. L., & Jolley, J. M. (2012). Research Design Explained. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. Read More
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