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Career Assistance - Research Paper Example

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Certificates can be used to identify different entities such as services, persons or hosts. For instance, many computer services with restricted…
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Career Assistance
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Extract of sample "Career Assistance"

Career Development Differentiate Between a Certificate and a License in a Designated Field and the Value of Each Type of Accomplishment
Razack (2009) defines a certificate as a digital mechanism for verification of accomplishment, mainly used in identification purposes. Certificates can be used to identify different entities such as services, persons or hosts. For instance, many computer services with restricted access only allow access to specific individuals according to the certificate contents. On the other hand, a license is an authorizing document that instructs the holder on the installation and usage of particular equipment according to the terms and conditions stated (Onetti & Verma, 2009). The two documents are different in that a certificate is mainly used for verification while a license is used to define the terms and conditions of an agreement. In business for instance, one needs to have a license in order to install a business, as well as have a certificate indicating that he is the rightful owner of the business.
The Importance of Integrating Technology into the Career Development Process; Two Types of Technology That Support This Process
With the current changes being experienced in our contemporary societies, technology is the way to go. Technology makes works easier which saves time at the same time brings about satisfaction of both the service provider and the recipients (Venable, 2010). Human resource managers should ensure regular update of their employees into new technologies. This is because it enhances efficiency as well as improves employee productivity. For example, computers have simplified data analysis as compared to the manual analysis of data. Moreover, technology has been highly linked to innovations which play a major role in career development. Internet services that are a result of new technology enable employees to further their skills through research, which can also enable them to come up with new discoveries (Venable, 2010). Consequently, it can be said that managers who empower their human resource technologically provide them with a favorable environment of developing their careers.
Onetti, A., & Verma, S. (2009). Open source licensing and business models. IUP Journal of Knowledge Management, 7(1), 68-94.
Razack, B. I., C.M.A. (2009). Achieving certification. Strategic Finance, 90(9), 64-64.
Venable, M. A. (2010). Using technology to deliver career development services: Supporting today’s students in higher education. The Career Development Quarterly, 59(1), 87-96. Read More
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Career Assistance Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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