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Hospitality Careers - Research Paper Example

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Hospitality Careers 1. Describe the various types of management careers that can be offered within each industry (lodging and food and beverage). In this study, two industries, i.e. the American Hotel and Lodging Industry and the National Restaurant Association (representing the American Food and Beverage Industry) have been taken into consideration…
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Hospitality Careers
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Download file to see previous pages Subsequently, in the food and beverage industry, positions or rather career options for banquet manager, beverage manager, catering manager, dining room manager, general manager (fullservice), general manager (quick service), human resources manager, kitchen manager and public relations manager among others can be offered, as illustrated in the career website of the National Restaurant Association (National Restaurant Association, 2013). As can be apparently observed from the above list presented for the management careers offered in the lodging and the food and beverage industries are quite vivid in nature. Moreover, both these industries are observed to deliver adequate training assistance to the management professionals as well as fresh graduates that have evidently widened the scope for future development among the employees. Therefore, it can be affirmed that these industries not only reward sufficient scope of career building to the management professionals, but also delivers due assistance in personality and professional development of these personnel. 2. Compare and contrast the differences between the General Management (GM) positions within the two (2) industries. Companies in the lodging industry fundamentally need to perform various functions of hospitality services along with providing travel assistance to its customers. Apparently, the role of a General Manager (GM) in lodging industry is quite challenging as the personnel will have to manage the aspects of customer satisfaction, quality of services and regular costs simultaneously with proficient skills and understanding. The GM in lodging industry is also responsible for performing other day to day operations in the business such as accounting for regular transactions, managing the staff and their payroll, handling customer complaints and requests, as well as looking after the efficient use of resources. Being in a role which benefits with the scope of regular interaction with the employees and the customers, the GM is also liable to motivate the employees and make sure that the customers are satisfied with the lodging services delivered by the industry (American Hotel & Lodging Association, 2013). On the other hand, the role of GMs in food and beverage industry may be considered as more complex than that observed in the lodging industry, owing to the additional responsibilities of bakery, food quality regulatory norms adherence and healthcare interventions. Unlike the GMs appointed in the lodging industry, GMs in the food and beverage industry are responsible to prepare reports regarding the food safety measures taken by the staff when cooking and serving the customers accordingly. The GM in food and beverage industry also needs to ensure that at every stage of the operations, laws and regulations concerning health of the customers and the maintenance of quality foods are adhered. Additionally, GMs in the food and beverage industry also share some common responsibilities such as motivating and managing the regular staff members, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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