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Ask week 6 - Essay Example

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Given the current issue of currency translations of accounting transactions, which forms part of workplace-based issue and indeed a part of your Module 7 workplace-based problem, do you consider this issue as requiring formal or informal organization to solve? Give details of…
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Ask week 6
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Extract of sample "Ask week 6"

Ask week 6 First scenario: Per Given the current issue of currency translations of accounting transactions, which forms part of workplace-based issue and indeed a part of your Module 7 workplace-based problem, do you consider this issue as requiring formal or informal organization to solve? Give details of your answer.
In what ways do you think informal organization, which can be related to engagement in collaborative interaction can help solve the issue of how to handle currency transactions?
Second scenario: Jacline
The issue of lack of roads construction materials in the country could be such a challenging one. Do you think the use of informal organization can help solve the problem? Explain ways through which it can help.
What is the difference in using formal and informal organization in solving your work place-based problem?
Third scenario: Gordan
It can be argued that informal organization has helped many people in your organization to gain knowledge as geologists. Explicate some of the benefits associated with the use of informal organization.
Although informal organization is argued to promote and to continue social cultural values of the organization, it can also lead to negative attitudes between employees. Explain ways through which informal organization can lead to this effect.
Fourth scenario: Dana
How do people who refuse to transfer knowledge to others in an organization affect the running of the organization? What are advantaged accrued from mentoring and knowledge transfer within the organization?
Do you think the bossy attitude in an organization is healthy? How would you describe the role of power and communication in an organization?
Fifth scenario: Taofic- Raimin
The current formal setting within the organization affects decision making processes. It is apparent that the organization can be termed as a family business entity. In what ways is this scenario a barrier in paving way for successful and effective decision making processes?
It can be argued that in order to resolve the land problem, this formal organizational structure needs to be challenged. In what ways can this structure be challenged? Do you see the use of informal organization playing a critical role to this effect?

Stacey, R.D., 2011. Strategic management and organizational dynamics: the challenge of complexity. 6th ed. Harlow: Pearson. Read More
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