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An Analysis on the Design Phase of Euro Shuttle Wagons Project - Essay Example

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This study focuses on the development issue of Euro channel tunnel wagons to give an insight on raising project management issues, and to come up with possible solutions, and to suggest possible project management structure and theories to decrease associated risks in the project…
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An Analysis on the Design Phase of Euro Shuttle Wagons Project
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Extract of sample "An Analysis on the Design Phase of Euro Shuttle Wagons Project"

Download file to see previous pages Euro tunnel shuttle service is a shuttle transport service that expresses street vehicle by rail through the channel tunnel. The wagons used for the shuttle have a large loading capacity.
The Tunnel project usually has a very tight timescale and heavy liquidated damages (LDs) linked with delays and so this one. Eurotunnel’s success rate is dependent on the timeframe of the tunnel being finished and ready to start its operations in particular season, otherwise, interest payments would start to devastate the profit of the project.
There are many aspects of design, construction and operation of the Euro Channel Tunnel Wagons project that needs approval from the Intergovernmental Commission (IGC), a body of British and French civil servants. The main focus of project manager during development phase of the project is and should be on safety, defence, security and environmental issues, as IGC takes these issues as criteria to evaluate the performance of channel tunnel project.
The safety clause was not clearly defined at the start of the project and was later gradually defined; this was not only because of the unfamiliarity of tunnel channel to safety regulators but also because of the allegation of events such as the UK Kings Cross Fire in November 1987. Due to lack of safety, changes are required to meet IGC considerations and the effect of those changes was not only delays but it also had impacted on other related elements of the project and characteristics of the product, and on the image of TML. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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