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Ethical issues - Article Example

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A human resource manager is a departmental head in charge of employing, interviewing, recruiting and allocation of staff in a company or organization. They have the responsibility of human workforce as a resource in an establishment. They are also in charge of researching…
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Ethical issues
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Extract of sample "Ethical issues"

Ethical issues A human resource manager is a departmental head in charge of employing, interviewing, recruiting and allocation of staff in a company or organization. They have the responsibility of human workforce as a resource in an establishment. They are also in charge of researching backgrounds of staff, recruits and making sure that background information on staff coincides with given resumes. Their role is vital in the everyday running of an organization because they are the collar bone to which the company or organization relies on. (Mathis, 2008)
The ethical issues that arise from expecting more from human resource managers as key players in an organization include workplace flexibility. This is whereby human resource managers face the task of making sure employees are competent to work in the decentralized setting as opposed to how it was before. Employees will have to be able to adapt to the virtual desk to incorporate the concept of flexible work arrangements are incorporated. (Misra, 2009)
Another crucial challenged encountered is the global business concept which entails that with the fast growing organizations and the world becoming a global village, human resources managers should be knowledgeable about different cultures traditions and business practices so as to be at per with the globalization process. Thus, a need to keep them always informed on global and international issues. (Misra, 2009)
Managing the performance of employees has also been a key area of concern as many human resource managers are not fully aware of all field expectations. Thus, they are incapable of determining performance levels of employees and as a result, fail to access level of competence of employees. Incorporation of all sub systems in human resource management has also proved to be a cog in the wheel. For efficient performance to be achieved, it is vital that the existing departments correlate in order to produce a smooth running department. (Mathis, 2008)
A human resource manager should be competent in flexibility, communication, teamwork, self confidence, global understanding, language competence and network building.

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Misra, R. (2009). Human Resource Management After Globalisation . London: Discovery Publishing House. Read More
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Ethical Issues Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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