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Foundation of Human Resources Management- (case study) - Essay Example

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Human Resource Management is the process of acquiring the talents, providing training to the employees and compensating the employees for their performance in terms of financial and non- financial benefits. In GS Plumbing, many people have adopted a mantra that says, “Stay,…
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Foundation of Human Resources Management- (case study)
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Foundation of Human Resource Management Table of Contents What should GS plumbing be doing when employees leave the organization? How could such activities improve retention, recruitment and selection? 3
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What should GS plumbing be doing when employees leave the organization? How could such activities improve retention, recruitment and selection?
Human Resource Management is the process of acquiring the talents, providing training to the employees and compensating the employees for their performance in terms of financial and non- financial benefits. In GS Plumbing, many people have adopted a mantra that says, “Stay, repair and renovate”. Therefore, this mantra acted as an effective tool for a successful business. Today there is no doubt that people are the main asset of the organization. It is the people, who make the difference behind the success of an organization (Armstrong, 2006, p.3).
However, in GS Plumbing employment turnover became a big concern for Alan and Greg. Employment turnover is a serious problem in GS Plumbing, which found most of the plumbers work alone each day although some jobs require two or more plumbers to work together. In GS Plumbing, it has been observed among 37 percent of total employees some resigned and some are terminated which results to employee turnover. One of the possible reasons for employee turnover at GS Plumbing is better compensation and rewards are offered by the GS competitors and better working environment. Therefore, Alan, HR manager is concerned with other companies offering financial and non-financial rewards aiming to create a balance of work and personal lives of the employees. In GS Plumbing, the works are not properly allocated among the new and old staff members, which lead to job satisfaction among the employees (Zhi, Kaur & WeiBo, 2010, p.4146). When GS employees leave the organization possible actions are taken, retention strategies are adopted in order to retain the employees in the organization. The retention strategies followed by job enrichment, employee involvement, talent management and many other things.
In order to stop the employees leaving from organization it is necessary GS Plumbing need to create an environment of employee engagement, which will help the organization to satisfy the working conditions of the employees. Through the case study the long term staff members are unhappy with the allocation of work since routine plumbing task are given to them, which should be actually assigned to new staff members. At this point of time, redesigning of works will help to remove the boredom among the new and old staff members and help them to acquire the new skills in the job. In this way, it will help the older staff members to gain knowledge and skills whereas newer staff members will be facing new challenges Therefore, in this way it will help the Alan and Greg to achieve the balance in the working life (Dezzler & Varkkey, 2009).
In order to improve recruitment, selection and employee retention strategies, support of Greg and Alan is needed among the workers. Therefore, during recruitment and selection strategies Alan need to focus on finding the hidden talents rather than recruiting the plumbers, which possess only surface skills of plumbing. The amount of annual leave is increasing day by day at GS plumbing, therefore HR need to identify the ill staffs and the sick people. Ill health employee’s results to reduced productivity and increase absenteeism, therefore a healthy workforce is required to stop the employees leaving the organization. Absenteeism can be reduced by offering long-term incentives and bonus than other companies. Employees can be motivated by providing them flexible working hours, talent management activities conducted in the organization and many other things, which will motivate them to work in the organization. Health programmes like meditation will help GS Plumbing to have a better quality of work life. Safety performance at GS Plumbing drastically changed the scenario of the working life, so it is necessary for Alan to ensure safety standard of workplace (Aswathappa, 2010).
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