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Human Resource Learning Team Weekly Reflection - Essay Example

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From the text, it is evident that job analysis refers to the process of collecting information about jobs, which includes the tasks necessary needed to complete the job and the characteristics of the employees needed to complete the required job (Managing Human Resources). This…
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Human Resource Learning Team Weekly Reflection
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Learning Team Weekly Reflection"

1. How a job analysis is used to create a job From the text, it is evident that job analysis refers to the process of collecting information about jobs, which includes the tasks necessary needed to complete the job and the characteristics of the employees needed to complete the required job (Managing Human Resources). This indicates that job analysis can be used to create a job description, which is done in the following ways. The first step in creating a job description using job analysis is by identifying the job to be done and the skills required to do the work. Job analysis usually results in two main factors, which are the job description and the job specification (Managing Human Resources). The job analysis is done to identify the minimum requirements in terms of qualifications tat a worker needs to possess. This is done by a panel of experts meeting to set a required standard for the job. The experts meet and decide that a specific job requires a minimum set of requirements. The experts then set the job specifications before calling for applications for the job at hand. After the experts have set the specifications, they then analyze the job to distinguish between the required and desirable specifications for the job. The required job specifications refer to the characteristics of the job that are inflexible, meaning that the applicants must possess these characteristics. Conversely, the desirable job specifications refer to the characteristics of the applicant that put them a step above the rest, which are not mandatory but preferred. Once the job analysis is completed, they are then summarized in form of a job description, which provides the type of job to be done, the qualifications needed from the applicant and the tasks that the worker is required to accomplish.
2. Functions of a job description
As already stated, a job description is a description of the major job functions that an employee is supposed to undertake when working for a firm. A job description is used by management for several functions, the first function being to outline the tasks that an employee is supposed to perform (Managing Human Resources). This function is important since it informs an employee of the work expected to be done, which indicates whether an employee is qualified for the work. The second function of a job description is to describe the knowledge and critical skills that an employee is supposed to have in order to qualify for the job. As already stated, the requirements for a job are divided into two parts, the desirable and required job skills (Managing Human Resources). The job description sets out the skills that an employee must possess and the skills that would be desirable for the employee to possess. The other function of the job description is to set out the environmental factors that an employee is expected to work under in the firm, which informs the employee whether the job is desirable for them. Finally, the job description helps to clarify any other information that the employee need to know about the job, for example, the salaries, working conditions and working days (Managing Human Resources).
In conclusion, it is evident that job analysis is an important part of the job creation process, since it helps in the creation of job descriptions. Job analyses help in the review of all the positions in the company, and the creation of new posts and the analysis f current working conditions. Before new employees are added by the company, experts need to meet and review current job practices, the jobs that are needed, and the qualifications needed from new employees. This helps in the creation of effective job descriptions.
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