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Critical review and application in Dell Company - Essay Example

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Critical evaluation of a number of different diagnoses models and/or strategies to determine which is the most appropriate for diagnosing change within the Dell organization and choosing the model/strategy to undertake a diagnosis of the organization.
Dell is a technology…
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Critical review and application in Dell Company
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Extract of sample "Critical review and application in Dell Company"

Download file to see previous pages The company is appointing new board member to add to the executive board.
The changes aim is to improve on the performance of the company and open new business opportunities for the company. These changes are to streamline the operation of the company, facilitating strategy execution. The company focal point is their consumers. The market is competitive, and for the company to maintain the lead in service provision consumer needs are a priority (Marshall, 2010). That way the company will make an impact in the market, increasing their share segment. The organization is undergoing changes, and effective transition is crucial to it survival.
Change is unavoidable in companies. The managers of a company need to understand the model of change that best fits the organization. To do that they have to define what they want to achieve, the time available for them to achieve, the cost and the impact that the changes will bring on the concerned parties. This calls for proper planning and efficient management of the organization. The models of change are many; thus, the managers have to exercise their intuition and expertise in the selection of the best model (Jones, 2006).
Irrespective of the change model that a manager decides to use, there are basic concepts that involve changes. The organization should have excellent communication channels to create consciousness of the projected changes. This is important so that the attitudes of people become receptive to the idea in readiness for the implementation. Empowering people through knowledge creates positivity towards the intended changes. When the people understand the foundation an idea they can create an enabling environment for it to succeed (Jones, 2006).
The model of action research examines the change process during implementation and behavior of the participants. It also measures the attitudes held through the change duration. The model’s concern ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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