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Nature of Work Groups With Respect to Organizational Behavior - Research Paper Example

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This paper "Nature of Work Groups With Respect to Organizational Behavior" presents a detailed overview and discussion about the nature of workgroups in respect to organizational behavior. This research is aimed at addressing the diverse structure of workgroups within business organizations…
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Nature of Work Groups With Respect to Organizational Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will present a comprehensive analysis of the workgroups with respect to organizational behavior via an assessment of the role and contribution of workgroups and a thorough analysis of their operational structure. This paper will also assess the diverse structure of workgroups within business organizations. Most workgroups share external and internal information, exchange data and expertise, discuss current trends, and provide information and feedback to organizational experts, customers, and others outside of the group. A structurally diverse workgroup is one in which the group members, through virtue of their dissimilar organizational roles, affiliations or positions, can elevate the group beyond the norm to serve as an exceptional source of business knowledge. It is assumed that if group members of structurally different workgroups connect in outside knowledge sharing, their expertise will be enhanced because of this dynamic sharing of information (Cummings-2, 2001).

Work Groups in Organizations
Groups always play an important role in the development of an organization. However, they have recently increased in significance as an essential component of organizational structure. In an effort to become accustomed to quickly varying environments, many work organizations have granted teams augmented independence and elasticity. Cross-functional groups have been created in numerous organizations to accomplish a wide viewpoint on problem-solving and, at the same time, to facilitate downplay intergroup competitions. Groups are also asked to extend traditional boundaries by working more directly with groups from other approaches. In addition, groups are sometimes essential to working more intimately with clients and suppliers (Iyer, N.d). If diversity in a business setting in described in terms of a group of individuals who differ in values, culture, gender, education, age, and marital status, it is clear that multiplicity is a matter of significance today as well as for the future. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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