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Evidence-Based Management - Essay Example

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The core principle in this form of management is decision making in regard to measurable scientific facts (DuBrin, 2008).
Evidence-based management facilitates a…
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Evidence-Based Management
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Extract of sample "Evidence-Based Management"

Evidence-based management In current management trends, managers are turning to evidence based management to run their The core principle in this form of management is decision making in regard to measurable scientific facts (DuBrin, 2008).
Evidence-based management facilitates a practitioner to isolate appropriate tools that can be used to hire employees. The aim in any hiring exercise is to get high-performing employees. These evidences can be in the form of proposed theories such as personality theories. Personality theories use characteristic traits to assess the capabilities of an individual. A second approach can be applying practices tested and proven by management specialists. A practitioner can use competencies to inspire employees. Inspiration can be in the form of motivating high performance or encouraging execution of strategy. Setbacks are an inevitable aspect of the work environment in regard to applying evidence-based management; hence, a manager can employ theories such as teamwork to instill resilience in the employees (Roussel, 2011).
Students need to be practical in order to apply evidence-based management. Not all factual evidences are efficient and practical. Practitioners need to remember that there is a lot of subjectivity in management. For instance, the level of education of a work force may differ. This requires the managing practitioner to choose tactics very carefully so as to be compatible with the persons they are governing. Both practitioners and students need to invest in patience. Scientific methods by nature are procedural and taking shortcuts will only taint the results the manager aims to achieve (Dunn, 2008).
Change is a driving force for most innovations and successes. In this light, changes in the world management trends are significant contributing factors for the adoption of evidence based management. For instance, the need to keep the interests of employees separate from those of the patients is vital to the successful rendering of services. Evidence management has succeeded in this field tremendously. This can be seen by comparing the rate of employee dissatisfaction at the beginning of the industrial revolution and those in the XXI century (Shillabeer, 2011).
The greatest restraint on evidence-based management is the speed at which managers and institutions want to achieve their goals. Evidence-based management is efficient but procedural. Most managers run institutional affairs by use of intuition. They like taking risks even when it comes to making decisions that affect employee welfare. The sad thing is that intuition has given results and positive ones for that matter so far (Hamer, 2005).
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Evidence-Based Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Evidence-Based Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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