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Evidence Based Management and Leadership - Research Paper Example

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The writer of this paper suggests that in order to create an environment where patient health is more conducive requires a whole change in the practices, management and the leadership.The organizational culture should be changed and this could only be possible when there is an effective leadership…
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Evidence Based Management and Leadership
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Extract of sample "Evidence Based Management and Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages In the last decade, it has been accepted that in the medical industry the decisions should be evidence based because in this way they can be more careful regarding individual patient’s treatment. Using evidence based management actually provides a just and more explicit way of taking care of someone (Axelsson, 2005). Medical is a profession where everything starts with care and treatment, therefore the use of evidence based management is very much necessary in this field. The evidence may come through a deep research and the observations and in this way we can say that in the medical field the research regarding new innovations and the medicines are really needed. 
It is the 21st century and now almost everything is revolutionized or at least running in a new direction and also at a faster pace than ever before. Therefore, we can say that old techniques and the formulas are obsolete now and there are many new techniques to replace the old ones. Medicine is a kind of profession, which only become perfect with a lot of experience and practice. Along with the practice and experience, the importance of research and exploring new and creative innovation cannot be neglected here. Innovativeness and the creativity play an important role in building a good image of a leader. Therefore, we can say that evidence based management can also help for building a good and effective leader in the hospitals.There is a famous proverb that ‘to a hammer, everything looks like a nail’. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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