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Character and Integrity - Essay Example

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The essay under the title "Character and Integrity" states that the term “Character” – is an individual’s pattern behavior or personality, a description of the traits or qualities of a person, the person’s reputation, and his or her moral constitution…
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Character and Integrity
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Extract of sample "Character and Integrity"

Since I was new to this field and did not know much, I decided to take the help from my senior processor who was unfortunately unavailable at that time. Surprisingly, the entire staff had gone out to lunch at the same time, and this puzzled me. The patients’ relatives asked me for assistance since this was a case of HMO insurance. Without having much experience, I made it a point to tell them that they need to wait for the next available manager. The HMO insurance organization’s reputation was at risk and I needed to do something on my own since it was taking too much time for someone to assist me. Despite the fact that the whole process was being mismanaged and I did not like the situation that I was forced to overcome.
Moreover, I was glad that I was able to win the deal with the HMO insurance case in a professional manner and resolve the dispute that came about as a result. However, the character of the medical profession was under a serious question and this needed to be resolved at the earliest. I immediately called the staff from the cafeteria which was having lunch and asked them to attend to the HMO insurance case. They came running to assist the case so that the insurance process could be resolved professionally. The conscience of the staff was apparent since they almost skipped their meals and showed their real moral character to deal with this HMO insurance scenario.
Nevertheless, my senior processor steps in and assured me that she would handle it from here because I was not yet ready to undertake HMO insurance job responsibilities at that time. In conclusion, I was congratulated for my performance and I was moved swiftly through training and I was working as an HMO insurance analyst within two weeks of the incidence. Read More
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(Character and Integrity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 438 Words - 6)
Character and Integrity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 438 Words - 6.
“Character and Integrity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 438 Words - 6”, n.d.
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Nettleton now experiences his dark night of the soul. He is “assailed by infidel doubts” (Tyler, ) and questions the veracity of the Bible and the existence of God. He then comes to realize that his earlier religious services “had been prompted by selfish motives” (Tyler, ) of escaping punishment, and not by true love of God, or genuine repentance. He is influenced by President Edwards’ accounts...
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