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Ways in Which Ingvar Kamprad is a Manager - Essay Example

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This paper analyzes what skills that an individual needs to develop or refine in order to become a leader like Ingvar Kampard, founder of the IKEA business. This paper describes what makes him a great manager and leader, and the nature of followership that Kamprad seems to have encouraged at Ikea…
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Ways in Which Ingvar Kamprad is a Manager
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Extract of sample "Ways in Which Ingvar Kamprad is a Manager"

Discussion Questions Ways in which Ingvar Kamprad is a manager To begin with Kamprad founded the IKEA business which has position itself as one of the most distinctive companies dealing in home products and furniture (Allen). Kamprad establish the IKEA business from scratch as a catalog company in early 1950s and has since grown into a multinational profitable company.
Growth of the company: Ingvar Kamprad management abilities are evident in his ability to grow IKEA from small catalog business to a multinational company. It is noteworthy that Kamprad began his business by riding on his bicycle throughout the neighborhood, selling matches, pens, and Christmas cards to local residents after which it expanded gradually into a bigger company (Allen).
Effective use of Resources: Kamprad is not wasteful and he has developed various policies that ensure that limited resources are effectively put into use. Kamprad views wastefulness of resources as an immortal sin in IKEA. This claim can be justified by the fact that he avoids wearing suits, takes the subway to work, frequents cheap restaurants, flies economy class and drives a ten-year-old Volvo. Effective application of resources in IKEA is also evident when managers are made to share hotel rooms when they travel in addition to using employees as catalog models (Farfan).
Maintaining profitability: Kamprad has developed hard-core drive for profits and market share that bows to no competitor, anywhere, anytime. The company has been operating profitably in successive financial years stretched over a long period.
Strong entrepreneurial character: This is evident when he is always forefront in setting organization’s objectives, values and operational strategies and above all being in control of every business affair.
Ways in which Kamprad is a leader.
Ingvar Kamprad has been a good role model to his workers (Allen). This trait has been achieved by setting examples. For instance when states that wastage of resources is “mortal sin”, he goes ahed to justify this claim by spending modestly (takes the subway to work, frequents cheap restaurants, flies economy class and drives a ten-year-old Volvo).
He is humble and always ready to accept mistakes. For instance he does not fancy luxurious cars, hotels or big private office but rather chooses to mingle with his collaborators (Farfan). Furthermore he is always apologetic of past mistakes such as association with the ‘new Swedish’ wartime pro-Nazi party.
The nature of followership that Kamprad seems to have encouraged at Ikea
It is not doubt that Kamprad has brought about a number of characteristics that have in turn promoted success patterns in IKEA. To start with Kamprad brought about the spirit of humility, modest, simplicity, hard work, common sense and togetherness (Allen). Kamprad has always encouraged his followers to be good spenders and always characterize their strategic direction and planning through simplicity and common sense.
Applying the concepts of transactional, transformational, charismatic, and authentic leaders in describing the leadership of Ingvar Kamprad
Kamprad transformational leadership style is evident in his candidness in inspiring employees towards attaining key strategic objectives of IKEA (Allen). Kamprad has also demonstrated intellectual stimulation, empowering through motivation, and demonstrating confidence in employees’ abilities.
Kamprad transactional leadership style is evident in his individualistic nature of stumping authority in every aspect of organization ranging from policies, strategic objectives, management of organizations affairs.
Kamprad charismatic leadership style is evident in his nature of ejecting enthusiasm in his followers especially in matters relating to use of resources, hard work, teamwork, and humility (Farfan).
Skills that an individual needs to develop or refine in order to become leader like kampard
One needs to develop or refine his/her Vision, communication, teamwork, planning, decision making, coaching, motivation, honesty, relationship skills in order to become like Kampard. These skills can be developed through interpersonal, self, group or transitional development.
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Ways in Which Ingvar Kamprad Is a Manager Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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