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Managing the Language of Leadership by Sar and Fairhurst - Book Report/Review Example

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The paper "Managing the Language of Leadership Book by Sar and Fairhurst" discusses that chapter 5 in this book talks mainly about the tools which can be used in skills of framing leadership. These are tools which are intended to assist the leaders in their framework section of leadership…
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Managing the Language of Leadership Book by Sar and Fairhurst
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Extract of sample "Managing the Language of Leadership by Sar and Fairhurst"

The Authors of this book want to give an understanding that leadership is not something that anybody can offer. They want everybody to understand that leadership can only succeed in trough certain mechanisms. That true leaders have natural skills and can come up with creative ideas at any time while there are those leaders who are imposed yet they have no idea how good leadership can be obtained, or offered.

One of the most important tools mentioned in the book is the metaphors, where the language is used in a very specific manner (Sar & Fairhurst, 1996). This usage of the language includes descriptions and other forms, which have the ability to easily manipulate and convince followers. This tool is used by a leader as they know convincing and giving promises is an easy way to get hold of the follower’s attention. Some leaders also use metaphors when they find themselves in a situation where they may have been forced to overreact. Fairhurst gave vocabularies being used as successful in language and is quoted on page 45 line 5 listing vocabularies as “facilitation, Care and understanding”.

One most important tool mentioned here is emotion. The authors state that emotion can be handled or passed through in a much decent and intelligent manner, but not making it so obvious. The way this has been brought out in the book is meant to give the understanding that even leaders are human but will not be proper for them to expose their negative reactions yet they expect the people depending on their leadership to trust them. Read More
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