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Applying Skills and Knowledge Learnt at the Work Place - Essay Example

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The paper "Applying Skills and Knowledge Learnt at the Work Place" discusses that a contact center is important in ensuring the efficient and timely delivery of information among relevant stakeholders. The public will thus get the avenue of expressing their concern and ventilating their grievances. …
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Applying Skills and Knowledge Learnt at the Work Place
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Extract of sample "Applying Skills and Knowledge Learnt at the Work Place"

Both public and private sectors interact with their stakeholders and clients in order to achieve smooth running and operations of their activities. In the area of public sector reforms, skills and knowledge acquired through learning should be carefully implemented to ensure public satisfaction and improvement in client service delivery (Christensen & Per 25).
After attending the leadership a leadership and management training, the need to introduce a contact center for the local government is realized. Consequently, the local government will improve the quality of service in their jurisdiction.
In addition, the implementation of customer relationship management will ensure that there is attraction, retention, and getting back former customers to the organization. From the knowledge leant, one is able to implement a system which is customer friendly and that reduces resistance to change. Strong resistance forces that require basic knowledge on change management commonly meet the alteration of the status quo (Christensen & Per 25). There is thus need to ensure that the implementation is gradual and that majority if not all of the clients are involved in the process as learnt in change management. From the knowledge acquired, it will be easy to adopt simple procedures that reduce costs and increase response and satisfaction of customers.
In conclusion, the skills and knowledge obtained are instrumental in the general understanding of the management process as well as the need to improve institutional performance. the knowledge and skills have to be applied after carefully evaluating the impact and earning the confidence of stakeholders. The process should be flexible to look at the diverse nature of the interests of stakeholders. Read More
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