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Learning Journal on Motivating Others - Essay Example

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The procedures that should be taken for this process begin by understanding that the level of motivation in an individual is established by evaluating…
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Learning Journal on Motivating Others
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Extract of sample "Learning Journal on Motivating Others"

Learning Journal on Motivating Others The concept of motivating other people requires the knowledge of proper steps thatcan be taken in order to accomplish this end. The procedures that should be taken for this process begin by understanding that the level of motivation in an individual is established by evaluating performance. This also requires the prior understanding that poor performance can also be caused by lack of the ability to carry out the specific tasks. In this case, there is need to first of enhance ability in the individual before undertaking the required steps to increase the motivation. This might be done through proper training to ensure that the individual has the required skills. The concept of motivation simply entails enhancing the desire and commitment to responsibilities as far as work is concerned in order to boost performance.
In order to increase an individual’s performance through motivation, there is need to ensure that the individual gains proper understanding of performance expectations for the specific work. After making the person understand the performance expectations of the work, it is also important to ensure that the person feels that the expectations can be achieved. This can be done by first eliminating the existing personal and organizational obstacles to performance and making the person feel like he or she has the capability to achieve the expectations. There is also need to use appropriate rewards and discipline in order to encourage exceptional performance and extinguish unacceptable behavior. On identifying the specific inappropriate behavior, it is important to explain the reason why the behavior is considered as inappropriate and clearly indicate that the behavior should be stopped. Elaborate the impact of this kind of behavior on the performance of the individual and others in terms of how it may hinder the achievement of the set performance expectations. By doing all the above, it will be a sure way of making the individual understand that high performance is more rewarding than average or low performance.
In order to gain much from effective administration of the reward and discipline aspect, it is necessary to make the subordinate feel that the rewards gained from being a high performer are worth the effort. This means that the rewards are supposed to be substantial enough to increase the person’s urge to meet expectations so as to gain the rewards. This is also supposed to be done equitably so that the subordinates will not feel that there is any form of favoritism in one’s administration of the reward and discipline program. There should be predetermined and stipulated guidelines that describe what rewards and disciplinary measures are available for certain levels of performance. The rewards are supposed to be administered on a timely basis as well as accurate, specific, and honest feedback on performance also provided. An individual needs to know where he or she stands in terms of performance for current and long-term endeavors. On successful administration of all the above, chances of having the individuals’ motivation increased are high.
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(Learning Journal on Motivating Others Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Learning Journal on Motivating Others Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Learning Journal on Motivating Others Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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