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Journal Article Review Factors Motivating College Students to Learn - Essay Example

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This paper attempts to make a review of the journal article entitled ‘Factors Motivating College Students to Learn’. Halawah’s article on ‘Students’ motivation to learn from students’ perspective’ is mostly concerned with motivating college students to successful learning…
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Journal Article Review Factors Motivating College Students to Learn
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Extract of sample "Journal Article Review Factors Motivating College Students to Learn"

Download file to see previous pages Halawah’s (2011) journal entails works researched by diverse researchers and analysts. Nonetheless, I am not conversant with any of the establishments referenced in this work. From the compilations, I would contentedly argue that, a huge percentage of these authors have spent a lot of their time in the educational sector, by and large as educators in renowned universities. Brophy, one of the cited authors has also made a lot of contributions in making the work on ‘Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn’ a successful and useful piece in the educational context. On the other hand, the article and textbook refer to two different works by the author.
Other works by Halawah
Halawah (2006) has published other works like ‘The impact of student-faculty informal interpersonal relationships on intellectual and personal development’ a college Student Journal besides the work on ‘Students’ motivation to learn from students’ perspective’, that focuses on conducting research on the contribution of students’ unofficial interpersonal relations on the development of learners’ intellectual and personal development. The work is a recent piece that was published in 2006; thus, useful in the study of learners and their development. Additionally, Halawah (2006) has yet another 2006 journal publication on ‘The effect of motivation, family environment, and student characteristics on academic achievement’, which aims at analyzing the impact of motivation, the learners’ home environment and the learner attributes on their academic achievement. Halawah (2005) is also the publisher of the work, ‘The relationship between effective communication of high school principal and school climate’ of 2005. This work outlines the attributes of an effective and successful principal in a school setting. The key attribute emphasized in this article is the need for cultivating communication for a conducive learning environment. Research findings versus the results The research findings indeed follow logically from the findings as described in the article. The findings concur with the studies conducted on the 232 participants who took part in the study (Halawah, 2011). From the findings, it is evident that all the factors that contribute to motivation of the learners have been analyzed one by one. The concepts that relate to teacher personality and classroom management have been studied through the responses of the learners. For instance, the ability of the teacher to create a conducive environment to take place has been described in the findings with the mean standing at 4.6 for lessons well planned; thus, motivate learners. Results from the findings also include the teacher creating an open atmosphere for learning that motivates learners. Collaborative effort between teachers and the learners has also been described in the learning setting as an aspect that leads to motivation among the learners. Other aspects that relate to the learners have been discussed in the results section, like setting of considerable goals, increasing the esteem of learners, having a positive rapport with the learners amongst others are linked with the research conducted in the study. In this case, it is justified to argue that the research findings follow logically from the results discussed in the article. Sample selection The study conducted by Halawah ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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