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Independent Learning - Essay Example

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Independent learning is self directed learning. According to Ritchhart, Church and Morrison (2011: p5), a learner defines, organizes and completes the learning. In addition, the learner decides the personal path and to measure their individual research as well as reactions from classmates at the same level as guidance and information that they gain from their facilitators…
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Independent Learning
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Download file to see previous pages The process of integrating the learners into the education system allows them to start connecting with the outside world. Therefore, they have the ability to learn and think for themselves, and not wait for their teachers. Independent learning abilities are an indispensable training for life and for change to, and success in, occupational, college or higher learning courses. Independent learning skills support students’ capability in assessing, recording and reflecting on their education. Steinberg and Davidson (2005: p467) state that also promote independence in organization, decision-making and problem-solving. Nonetheless, they take time to institute and, for several students, require premeditated modeling and teaching. Therefore, if students are to become actively engaged in increasing their autonomy in their personal education, they must first of all gain the aptitude to learn how to study. A supportive setting that permits students to learn from errors and develop about their successes is a prerequisite. Ideally, such ability building will be in progress early and continuous throughout a person's learning (Cooper, Kiger, Robinson and Slanky, 2011: p65)....
Fulfilling such requirements is satisfying in itself, and such rewards uphold learning successfully than do grades.  Therefore, teachers may design in-class activities, assignments, and discussion queries to tackle these types of requirements. The teachers should make learners active participants in education. Students learn by making, designing, doing, creating, writing, and solving. Passive learning dampens learners' enthusiasm and inquisitiveness. Teachers are supposed to pose questions, and not inform students something when they can ask them. Furthermore, they ought to encourage students to propose approaches to a quandary or to speculate the outcome of an experiment. The students may be divided into small groups, encouraging interaction and sharing their different ideas on the subject. Research has revealed that an educator's expectations have an influential consequence on a student's performance. Thus, if a teacher acts as though he expects motivation, interest and hard work from his students in the course, they are more likely to be so. The teachers need to set practical expectations for learners when they grade examinations, give presentations, formulate assignments and conduct discussions. "Practical" in this perspective means that the teacher’s standards are high enough to inspire learners to do their most excellent work but not so high that learners will predictably be discouraged in attempting to meet those expectations. To build up the drive to achieve; learners must believe that realization is possible, which means that the teacher needs to present early prospects for success. Teachers should assist students in setting achievable objectives for themselves. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Independent Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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