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Exercise 6-1 Remote Power System Exercise - Assignment Example

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The process of understanding the full remote power system involves breaking down the system into smaller and independent systems. A project consists of different parts which…
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Exercise 6-1 Remote Power System Exercise
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Download file to see previous pages These two units are found at the first level and the breakdown of the units goes into the second and third levels. Moreover, there are other units such which are the core of the project and cannot be placed in the second or third level (Schwalbe 76). Level 2 is mainly made up of deliverables that are clearly tangible and recognizable. The other levels consist of activities and tasks that build up on the project.
The remote control unit is used in controlling the Remote Power Motor System (RPM) through the use of different components. The major project milestones are put together in level two of the project. In the case of our project we put together the following sections: Training, Budget Control, Data Management and Project Management. These sections are must be implemented using a bottom up approach. The Project Manager is responsible for the control and overall supervision of the project (Haugan 61). Therefore, he/she is general in charge of project management which is placed at level 2 of the project. Other important services that should be placed at level 2 include data management, budget control and training. However, in our case we should concentrate on the two levels that are categorized into the Remote control and the Vehicle units. These two important levels control the remote power mower into moving and operating at optimal levels.
The deliverables in this project are constituted of several important components. For instance, the remote control unit is made up of antenna, transmitter and the battery. While the Vehicle unit is made up of the receiver, console among other components. The assembly of all the components is done through various tasks. Some of the tasks that could be utilized in this project include system engineering, development test, operational test and evaluation (Milošević 82). The tasks make up important part of the project and all tasks ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Exercise 6-1 Remote Power System Exercise Assignment.
“Exercise 6-1 Remote Power System Exercise Assignment”, n.d.
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