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Management of the service encounter at Costa/ Nero - Essay Example

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Café Nero (CN) is presently one of the UK’s six biggest chains of cafés and one of the UK’s quickest rising companies. Similar to Costa Coffee, it has an Italian feel to it, is well-positioned and in fact has been…
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Management of the service encounter at Costa/ Nero
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Extract of sample "Management of the service encounter at Costa/ Nero"

Download file to see previous pages Out of them, I only found it fit to take my digital camera and a note pad and the rest I left on my memory to write down my experience of the visit.
I inspected the open ambience of the Cafè Nero and could not stop myself from appreciating the baristas’ smiling faces. They were eagerly helping out customers by serving their orders with smiles on their faces. There was a feeling of warmth and they were welcoming the customers by leading them to the vacant chairs to seat them comfortably. I was also welcomed with a smile. So far, I thought, things were moving positively for my mystery shopper. Baristas’ were serving the customers as if they were quite familiar faces to them, perhaps there were a good number of regular customers from the neighbourhood.
Cafè Nero’s staff was treating customers as if they were part of a big family. When work becomes a passion, the added quality of the Cafè Nero coffee can work wonders in providing optimum level of customer satisfaction but here, I was waiting for my cup of coffee. Incidentally, Cafè Nero has been successful in acclaiming the title of ‘No. 1 coffee company in the UK’ nine times in the past ten years (, 2012).
Finally, the barista served me with my favourite espresso coffee. I could see her glowing and full of warmth smiling face while serving me my cup of coffee. I returned the smile and started sipping the coffee. Instantly, I stopped sipping and the barista noticed it. I told her that it was not as hot as I usually enjoy the most. She was forthcoming and offered to bring another hot cup. I nodded and wow! In less than five minutes, another cup of hot coffee was offered with a warm smile. I once again took a sip and nodded in satisfaction. She promptly receded back. Taking a 360 degree view while sipping the coffee, I could notice the classic mahogany back bar, adding the touch of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Management of the Service Encounter at Costa/ Nero Essay.
“Management of the Service Encounter at Costa/ Nero Essay”, n.d.
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