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Schools of Management: A Review of its Evolution and An Outlook of Personal Integration - Research Paper Example

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The paper attempts to present a review of management’s colorful evolution, as well as an outlook of the field’s personal integration.The study of such broad subject is contained in the context of time, resources, facilitator’s field specialization…
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Schools of Management: A Review of its Evolution and An Outlook of Personal Integration
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Extract of sample "Schools of Management: A Review of its Evolution and An Outlook of Personal Integration"

Download file to see previous pages The field of management can be considered an oxymoron in itself. While, as stated earlier, it is characteristically broad, it was nevertheless contained and painfully bordered. The subject’s enormity was, evidently, not well conceived by earlier thinkers. It is noteworthy how these early management proponents tend to tie their management theory or principle to their specialization. The pattern is not hard to notice – the law adept pushed his bureaucratic management; engineers and mathematicians preferred the scientific and quantitative schools while psychologists gave preference to the behavioral school. Though these thinkers’ background gave them the authority to speak and explain management according to their fields, they did not acknowledge the inherent limits of their fields and their consequent theories. Barnett (n.d.) stated the prevalent difference in assumptions governing the working people and their organizations. Though it may be relatively easy to pinpoint how these independent notions started, it is difficult to understand why the proponents saw no need to synthesize and integrate their findings to one, uniform school of thought. In fact, it is observable how a management theory tries to either erase the validity of the preceding theory or give it an entirely different perspective. Though the ‘new’ theory seeks to improve its preceding one, it is stripped of the valid assumptions made by the preceding theory. The key to this pattern is the base assumptions of each school of management. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Schools of Management: A Review of Its Evolution and An Outlook of Research Paper)
Schools of Management: A Review of Its Evolution and An Outlook of Research Paper.
“Schools of Management: A Review of Its Evolution and An Outlook of Research Paper”, n.d.
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