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Comparison between the Initiatives - Essay Example

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The author of the essay "Comparison between the Initiatives" demonstrates that United Parcel Service (UPS) promotes a culture that ensures the interest and welfare of the employee and the community. The company successfully promoted a diverse workforce (Pasiuk, 2006, p. 141)…
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Comparison between the Initiatives
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Extract of sample "Comparison between the Initiatives"

UPS had set a record for collecting approximately $57.4 million for its philanthropic cause, exceeding its record in 2004. The company also donated a staggering $52.2 million in 2001 (Pasiuk, 2006, p. 141). The company is ranked higher than FedEx, as it designed more programs that benefit society. In addition, UPS came up with more ingenious means of helping the community compared to FedEx. The company also aims to boost its profit as well as ensure the welfare of the community. On September 19, 2008, it launched cargo finance, which is driven to help small clients that need funds (Matthew 2008).
FedEx encourages its employees to remain “absolutely, positively” concentrated on the safety--the highest professional and ethical standards, and to the needs of clients and the communities. It consistently ranked as one of the most trusted and admired employers worldwide. However, it lags behind in its effort to foster the welfare of the society in comparison with UPS (Lawrence, Drzeniek, & Moavendeh, 2009). Read More
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Comparison Between the Initiatives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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