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Request for Return of Used Printer Ink Cartridge - Essay Example

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The author of the essay under the title "Request for Return of Used Printer Ink Cartridge" makes a request. It says: Thank you very much for your letter regarding the return of the used Ink Cartridge which you have purchased to use in your HP LaserJet Printer…
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Request for Return of Used Printer Ink Cartridge
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Extract of sample "Request for Return of Used Printer Ink Cartridge"

Our return policy suggests that cartridges used for more than 28 days are non-refundable thus all those customers who keep cartridges for more than 28 days and do not use it are not entitled to the return of their purchase. In your case, the cartridge has been purchased 35 days ago which unfortunately does not fall within the period mentioned in our return policy. I am therefore afraid that on this occasion it may not be returned.
However, in order to facilitate you further, we are ready to offer you a 20% discount on your next purchase of the printer cartridge. Please visit our website or our store to buy a new cartridge and we will ensure that you get 20% off from the total price to facilitate you to continue to enjoy our great range of products.
Please free to contact me at any time of your convenience.
Kindest Regards
Manager, Sales
XYZ Company Read More
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Request for Return of Used Printer Ink Cartridge Essay.
“Request for Return of Used Printer Ink Cartridge Essay”, n.d.
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