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The role of technology and management for the success of an organization - Essay Example

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Effective management can be achieved through managerial competencies that combine experience, study and skills related to people management, which forms the base of Mintzberg’s concept of management. Managers require access to information and data as well as possess managerial capabilities…
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The role of technology and management for the success of an organization
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Extract of sample "The role of technology and management for the success of an organization"

Download file to see previous pages Organizational effectiveness can be achieved by employing diversified resources, advanced technology, suitable policies, procedures and systems that help in achieving organizational goals. Management of these critical components becomes extremely important not only from strategic viewpoint but also to actually derive the intended benefits. One such practice is diversity management, which organizations adopt to build better working relationship among employees and with management. This study critically views Mintzberg’s assertions related to managerial role in implementing diversity management.
Theoretical construct:
Mintzberg defines management as a practice that has to blend a good deal of craft (experience) with a certain amount of art (insight) and some science (analysis) (2009; p.xii). Mintzberg’s (2009) viewpoint about management is abstract, and managers’ discretion and purpose have to underpin their decisions, which need to be aligned to the organizational goals. This is, somewhat, an extension of Skinner’s (1974) proposition on bringing congruency between elements of production system and organizational goals. For instance, one of the propositions to improve performance is to include highly skilled and technologically sound workforce, which is also one of the functions of diversity management. For this, organizations employ various practices such as hiring employees with diversified skills and from different backgrounds. Skinner’s (1974) proposition with respect to workforce actually helps managers in leveraging their insight, analysis and experience in employing skilled workforce.

Literature findings:
Surgevil (2010) constructs his proposition related to diversity management in the Turkish setup based on the fact that increasing impact of globalization, advancements in technology, changing organizational structures and systems have affected Turkish organizations more than ever before. Advancement in technology that has resulted in greater communication media, effective communication and vast opportunities to communicate and learn has been the major factors affecting organizational systems; in a sense, this advancement has also been the cause for increased competition, globalization, and aggression in the service and production industry throughout the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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