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Ergonomics and System Safety chapter - Essay Example

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This graphical presentation shows interconnection of event, conditions and circumstances that jointly contributed to the tragedy. It utilize standard…
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Ergonomics and System Safety chapter
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"Ergonomics and System Safety chapter"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will main emphasis on developing a fault tree and later develop a job safety analysis page. In order to achieve the set objectives this paper will analyze a recent case of “Grain elevator explosion kills 3” as illustrated below;
Job safety analysis is tool to manage risk associated with a specific job position, where the hazards that on faces in the work place is measured and then ways to eliminate the risk are developed and implemented (Vincoli 42). An example of job safety analysis for an employee working in welding ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Ergonomics and System Safety Chapter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Ergonomics and System Safety Chapter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
“Ergonomics and System Safety Chapter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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...? Ergonomics Research Paper Outline Introduction Ergonomics is concerned with the various interactions between human beings and other elements in a system. The basic idea is to create systems that are healthy for human beings to operate in and interact with. (IEA, 2010) These interactions could be both long term and short term. Well figured out ergonomics are necessary to produce designs that prevent repetitive strain injuries. These injuries could turn into disabilities in the longer run hence the need for their prevention. (Berkeley University, 2008) This text is an outline for a research proposal concerned with ergonomic principles,...
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...of the human body and which of these are most likely to reduce the level of injury and maximize the health and safety for the individual worker (Larson & Wick 5097). Moreover, the implementation of procedures and equipment that helps to foster a greater focus upon ergonomics directly impacts the workers as it is able to maximize the level of safety and productivity without having any negative consequences other than the costs of implementation. Evidence of this can of course be seen with regards to the way in which recent scholarship has proven that ergonomics has a direct level of impact with regards to the way in which an office employee maintains posture, avoids...
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... System Safety System safety involves specific safety standard within given constraints in operation. It involves risk management and avoidance from injury or any kind of damages to a working system, that is, a computer system. A system is a set of detailed or programmed processes and methods that follow or abide by a set of routines or procedures in order to carry out a given task, and, therefore, carry it to the end (Leveson 33). The safety of a system will also involve protection of a system from processes that may cause it to crush. Computer System SafetySystem safety generally involves the security and reliability elements within a computer. Today, people, organizations, and companies are all technologically advancing... , and...
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...Introduction The of ergonomics seeks to study the process of designing facilities and equipment that can effectively fit the human body and support cognitive abilities and the movement processes. It is therefore a scientific discipline dealing with the association and interaction between the human body and other aspects in the system (Bust, 2008). It relies much on the theory, data, principles and design to understand the human operations and enhance the performance of the human body. The basic objective of studying ergonomics is normally the need to increase productivity and to improve the health of the people in operational processes. Ergonomics therefore transcends...
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...Occupational health and safety ergonomics Ever since mankind has started working in an industrial environment, it has felt the need for such a discipline that provides guidelines for effective performance that is based on productivity and safe work. Hence efforts were made to establish a complete discipline in form of ergonomics. Ergonomics is the field that entails safe and best practices in the working environment. It enables creating a working relationship amongst the people involved in the working sphere and the working sphere itself. Though the name “ergonomics” was assigned to the safe practices later on, the history of safe working can be traced...
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...the body and mind fresh towards the work. Hence lengthy working durations are against the rules of safe human factors. The plan for human factors implementation should take into account even the small factors like illumination, the sitting postures, wearing of safety belts, helmets in hard hat areas, inflow of fresh air and exhaust systems, fire extinguishers, and first aid availability. The use of ergonomics tools not just provides safety rather peace of mind and accomplishment of project management functions which serve as the key towards the success of any project. It makes the systems lean, enables eliminating the wastes and makes the processes fast...
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...Ergonomics One of the changes that can be made to the soldering tool is to incorporate a changeable tip. Tips come in different sizes and shapes to fit the work being done This would make it possible for the user to use the tip that suits the different services that they may be working on and as such they are able to view the working surface. A temperature control gadget should also be incorporated into the design and this would reduce the number of injuries experienced by the users. An ESD protection should also be incorporated which is quite cheap and makes the machine user friendly. The device should have different wattage rating. This helps in setting the right temperature depending on the magnitude of the work...
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