Negotiations in Management: President Obama Wants to Lengthen the School Year - Assignment Example

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The author describes the negotiation of President Obama's decision to lengthen the school year to boost American test scores to be comparable with test scores around the world. He also wants to lengthen the school year in order to provide safe places for children with working parents.   …
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Negotiations in Management: President Obama Wants to Lengthen the School Year
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Parties Involved: The parties involved in lengthening the school year in the Unites s are President Obama, local and government, teachers, parents, school administrators, taxpayers, and students.
Students would miss the free time of summer. Parents opposed to this idea would complain it is their job to raise their children, not the schools. It would be a breakdown of the family structure. Some Republicans might even suggest socialism.
Possible Solutions: One solution would be more after school programs. Instead of teaching music, art, gym, and another extra activity curriculum in hours after school. This would allow more teaching time in the day, a lengthening of the school day, and a safe environment for children after school. This would be done during the school year without cutting out summer break. The second solution would lengthen the year and day, but make parents volunteer or pay for the extra hours during the day. This would allay costs and allow parents to interact with their children at school. The last solution would be to not lengthen the school year or day, but make available more after school activities that are federally funded and parent involved.
Final Solution:
The last solution would probably work out the best for all parties. If schools could be opened after hours as a safe haven for children, with a learning environment, the individuals wanting to lengthen the school year might be happy. By having parents involved, costs could be cut down on hiring professional teachers for this time period. Of course, background checks would be completed by any volunteer. Children would not be stressed by too much education, but stimulated by the school and after school activities. Read More
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