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Business Management - Change Management and Organizations - Essay Example

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The paper "Business Management - Change Management and Organizations" focuses on the effectiveness of the change management system. The author of the paper discusses the main principles for the management of planning and change management based on Wal-Mart…
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Business Management - Change Management and Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages Change management is a fundamental proficiency in which the majority of business executives and administrators require to be experienced. There are extremely a small number of operational and functioning backgrounds where change management is not significant (Warrilow, 2009). The management of change is really essential for effective and useful results. The change happens for the enhancement of the potential working and structure enhancement. These potential enhancements can be physical or logical. During the change, the business leader needs to pay effective attention to the management of changes. Change management is the practice throughout which we can organize the transforms/changes of a system during its development or implementation. Change management saves organizations from the ongoing changes during the project execution. For this purpose, they establish a predefined model or framework for the incorporation of some practical changes or modifications in the project (Nickols, 2008).
When administrators or managers are scheduling to handle change, there are five main and most significant factors regarding the handling of change, these factors need to be kept in mind by change managers (Teamtechnology, 2009): 
1. Different people react in a different way to change
2. Everybody has primary requirements that have to be convened 
3. Change frequently engages a failure, as well as people,  leave in the course of the "loss curve" 
4. Potential requirement to be directed practically 
5. Doubts have to be arranged with 
One most important sense of the change management is to the formulation of changes in an intended and systematic or orderly way. The most important reason for the change is to add additional efficiency and latest techniques and arrangements in an ongoing organization. The transformation to be directed lies inside and is proscribed through the business. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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