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The essay under the title "Fire Sprinkler Systems " demonstrates that most organizations use the fire sprinkler systems so as to minimize the damages that occur as a result of the fire. The system allows people to evacuate and contain fires when it occurs…
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Fire Sprinkler Systems
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Thermal linkage, a cap, an orifice, and a detector. The frame is a structure that holds the sprinkler components together. The frame styles may be of low profile, flush standard as well as the concealed amounts. The frames types depend on the areas that should be covered, type of hazard to be protected and the visual effects that may be required. Thermal linkage controls the release of water from the sprinkler systems. The linkages hold the cap in the right place and prevent water from flowing out of the pipes. (Wallace, and Webber, 2004, p. 285).
The function of the cap is to provide the watertight seals over the sprinkler orifices that are held in place by the thermal links. In case the thermal fails to function, the cap is released and water finally flows from the orifice. Orifice refers to the opening in the water pipes at the base of the sprinkler valve. The opening in the water pipe is at a place where the water comes from which is about half an inch in diameter. It varies from the larger hazardous areas to smaller ones in the sprinklers systems. The detector is used in splattering the water streams from orifice to the pattern that is efficient for the suppression of fires (Wallace, and Webber, 2004, p. 285).
It is therefore important for all organizations to install the sprinklers systems within their organizations so as to protect themselves as well as their organizations from fires. Sprinklers are of different types, and therefore should be used as per their requirements. Read More
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(Fire Sprinkler Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 399 Words - 5)
Fire Sprinkler Systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 399 Words - 5.
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