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Certified Aviation Manager Program - Essay Example

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My career in aviation has progressed on a path that has taken me into a natural leadership role. My experience has motivated me to look forward to new career opportunities with added responsibilities and job requirements…
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Extract of sample "Certified Aviation Manager Program"

Certified Aviation Manager Program My career in aviation has progressed on a path that has taken me into a natural leadership role. My experience has motivated me to look forward to new career opportunities with added responsibilities and job requirements. Certification as an Aviation Manager is a requirement to assure that I am able to accomplish my future goals in the aviation business. Certification will not only allow me to strengthen my own existing experience, it will also assure future employers, employees, customers, and passengers that I have the qualities necessary to assure their well being and safety. This personal and corporate assurance is a first step into the responsibility of management, and is also serves as a guide to my future obligations to the industry.
My goal of working as a department manager will necessitate that I prepare for this additional responsibility. A department manager is accountable to corporate interests as well as being responsible to their employees concerns and needs. These may be the interactions that take place on a professional level between employees, or may involve the long-term corporate strategy of aviation scheduling or security. CAM Certification provides the foundation for insuring that the qualified manager has the breadth of education and experience required to operate in that capacity. It will assure that I not only have the scope of knowledge necessary, but will also provide me with the confidence that I have the most up to date information and state of the art methods available.
The aviation industry is a rapidly changing landscape. Increased regulation, new technology, and heightened security concerns place a high demand on managers in aviation to demonstrate their capability to address many different issues. CAM Certification is a focal point where like minded aviation professionals can exchange ideas and remain current on the state of aviation. The organization and certification process sets standards to measure our qualifications in areas as diverse as finance, ethics, and safety. In my goal of being a department manager, these will be issues which I may need to address daily. Employees need to have confidence in my leadership ability as well as my management style. We owe the public absolute assurance of their safety and well being. The certification and re-certification process will help insure the industry, and the public, that I possess the most current training available as well as the necessary qualities to be a qualified aviation manager.
Maintaining the qualifications necessary to be a proficient aviation manager is an ongoing and ever changing process. CAM certification will allow me to take the next step in my career, but will require continual updating and education. The goals and standards set by the program are guidelines which I can aspire to meet as my career progresses. The prerequisite of being certified to attain a position as a department manager is just one important aspect of the CAM program. The assurance it provides to corporations, employees and the public is also significant. My motivation for completing the CAM program is to certify that I have the information, qualities, and skills needed to pursue my career goals with confidence. Read More
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Certified Aviation Manager Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1. Retrieved from
(Certified Aviation Manager Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1)
Certified Aviation Manager Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
“Certified Aviation Manager Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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