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Organization Structures & Communication policies - Essay Example

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Both companies (K & CTF) have very complex structures that have several levels of management. For the case of CTF it is a branch of Bank of Pacific in which case Jane has to report to branch manager and portfolio manager. In this case there's no clear chain of command, as Jane has to report to the Branch Manager and Portfolio manager.
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Organization Structures & Communication policies
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Download file to see previous pages (Portfolio Managers). It is also evident that the work of Jane involves portfolio mgt to small clients. Therefore it is father ambiguous that she also reports to the same Portfolio Managers who had their own clients.
In the case of Dylan the same situation exists when he subdivided on daily reports to Joseph the field Manager in terms of contracts and Bristol the general Manager. In both of this cases the Companies should establish a clear chain of command of Dylan and June in terms of communication (upward communication and downward communication).
The about the organization structure in company K is centralized, thus Dylan has to coordinate activities by use of North America office. The disparity in geographical region brings about the anomaly about international communication in responding to client's proposal, making it more complex and difficult to meet clients demand. The communication process has it that, for organizations to function, individuals and teams must coordinate their efforts and activities carefully. The football coach for example has to tell his team what plays to run. Therefore lack of key communication channels manufactures poor co-ordination leading to poor personnel and organization performance. Communication is social glue that keeps companies together.
(Bristol Ito/Azuna Gichin and Tanaka) any information for contracts has to be approved accurately to the rigid chain described as their order. For Jane any decision has to pass through the Branch Manager but little mention is that of the head office. It seems the CTF is a bit decentralized in terms of decision-making. For instance when Jane requires to being a Certified Financial Planner, she approaches the Manager instead of the Head office.

A Critical Exposition

One shortcoming in embracing Matrix structures in management of organization's is that it waters the principals of good communication flow in organizations. Since communicating with employees is inclined towards a centralized approach. According to Walton business philosophy, communication is presupposed to be open minded," Sam's Rule for building a business" supports that you should Communicate everything you possibly can to you partners. The more they know, the more they understand the more they'll care. Once they care, there is no stopping them. K group of Companies however fails to achieve a business model that harmonizes activities due to the setup that has been exploded in different geographical backgrounds hampering the effective flow of information.

For example Company K is contracted with a monumental project, the management portfolio, is designated to Joseph who is based in Vancouver. The company goes ahead making decisions from respective regions without following better communication channels. This is evident when the client is put in darkness thus breaching the communication protocol.

Motivation Theory.

Traditionally someone who gets a new job receives not only a salary but also a standard set of fringe benefits such a health insurance, life insurances, a paid vacation and a retirement plan. These days however, these basic benefits are not enough to bring job prospects through the door. The incentives that motivate today's employees are far more varied and in many cases, truly lavish. Both companies seemingly provide for esteem needs. Dylan feels the office held does not have sufficient authority to go ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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