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Airline Maintenance Program in the United States - Literature review Example

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The goal of this review is to comparatively analyze the earlier and present maintenance systems in the airline industry of the United States. Additionally, the writer of the review will briefly elaborate on the future trend in the field of commercial aviation…
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Airline Maintenance Program in the United States
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Extract of sample "Airline Maintenance Program in the United States"

Download file to see previous pages The maintenance program of an airline specifies the period at which aircraft and engine parts to be serviced and inspected. The maintenance centers that carry out inspections and servicing, maybe the airline's own work centers or outsourced to other agencies. But these work centers and servicing agencies must be certified by the FAA and provide provision for inspection at all times. Reports of maintenance details on an aircraft are to be kept and made available for FAA appraisal.
Depending on the type of aircrafts the airlines operate maintenance programs are made jointly with the manufacturers of the equipment, such as Boeing or Airbus and approved by FAA and other regulatory agencies in countries where the airline operates. The repair and maintenance plan involves a number of multifaceted inspection and maintenance procedures, basing on an aircraft flying hours, number of landings and takeoffs. Maintenance personnel investigates in detail the aircraft, taking apart various parts of the aircraft for closer inspection.
Every after 12 to 17 months of flying the aircraft is taken up for detailed inspection where the maintenance technicians use advanced sophisticated testing devices to look for wearing out of parts, corrosion, and cracks that are not visible to the human eye. Major inspection is carried out after every three and a half year to five years where aircraft undergoes major maintenance and assessment of landing gear and many other vital components which needed replacement. During the scheduled maintenance checks, the Centralized Computer onboard the aircraft monitors the performance of aircraft systems and displays the details if any abnormalities detected. In latest aircraft, this information can be transmitted to ground servicing centers while the plane is in flight so that the ground technicians can take necessary steps to rectify the snag immediately after landing without loss of time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Airline Maintenance Program in the United States Literature review.
(Airline Maintenance Program in the United States Literature Review)
Airline Maintenance Program in the United States Literature Review.
“Airline Maintenance Program in the United States Literature Review”.
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