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Accomplishment of the Eeffectiveness of the World - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay discusses the three most substantial accomplishment. He is able to execute my inspiration and ideas into the world and his ability to change it in positive ways. Thus, he is living testament to change leader who is equipped with the capability of directing the team…
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Accomplishment of the Eeffectiveness of the World
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Extract of sample "Accomplishment of the Eeffectiveness of the World"

Download file to see previous pages My first accomplishment in Motorola was in transplanting the team cooperative culture into two enemy-like teams' DNA. It was a challenging interaction for me as the newly appointed leader of ## department, which is the "joint point" of R&D and marketing. In the cross-departmental meeting at Motorola, R&D and marketing were sharply divided on whether to add a feature application into a new product. R&D refused to incorporate this fearing that technology was still immature, while marketing insisted on an immediate launch of the feature to enlarge market shares and gain clients. In order to draw a resolution, I identified the sharp conflicts existing in two internal cultures-the traditional technology-driven culture and the newly market-driven one. To tackle this challenge was an opportunity to rebuild a collaborative culture, which will serve for the long-range strategy of Motorola. Thus, I launched a two-pronged approach which involved closer collaboration and effective interaction. I started out by conducting brainstorming sessions which allowed the interaction of these functional areas and identify strategy strengths and weaknesses. A better and deeper understanding of each other aroused them to learn from one another and embrace mutual trust building a productive partnership. This experience tested and enriched my leadership influence in exercising the political, interpersonal, and process skills to facilitate a successful outcome to the group's work.
The public sector and the private sector often pursue to operate independently from each other. However, this independence hinders each sector to reap the benefits from using strategies and know-how which will enable them to function more efficiently. Thus, my second accomplishment is in transplanting the business concept into the governmental officers' DNA. At the beginning of 2008, Pingyao badly needed to reform its tourism industry which commenced with the Ancestral Hall Tour Company. As the leader of this project, I had an immediate inspiration from the venture capital practice in the business world in order to generate financial resources. However, this has been met with disagreements from conservative public officials. Noting that my problem in not changing the system but changing my leadership style to suit the situation, I began to present the successful cases of Italy in protecting cultural heritage which eventually opened their eyes. The project has been successful and these initial accomplishments greatly worked up government officers' immense enthusiasm on integrating business skills into public administration. With this experience, I realized that change leadership goes beyond leading a team, but rewriting the DNA of the team.
Lastly, I believe that my humble interaction with a poor woman enabled me to transplant hope into the her DNA. Having been touched by the story of her son who died because of poverty, I was stirred to give her a chance to improve her living condition by finding her a job which made her self-sufficient. Currently, this woman is recognized by the homeowner's association and is also passing on to others the love and hope that I have passed on to her. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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