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Global Human Resource Management - Assignment Example

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Instructor Date Global Human Resource Management Background of Union Nation Bank Union National Bank (UNB) is one of the most reputed and well-known domestic bank of Abu Dhabi established in the year of 1982. It came into limelight as a Public Joint Stock Company with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi…
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Global Human Resource Management
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Extract of sample "Global Human Resource Management"

Global Human Resource Management Background of Union Nation Bank Union National Bank (UNB) is one of the most reputed and well-known domestic bank of Abu Dhabi established in the year of 1982. It came into limelight as a Public Joint Stock Company with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. In-spite of being located in Abu Dhabi, it operates successfully in about 56 other locations in the entire Arab Emirates. This is very praiseworthy news that amplified its brand image in the market. Apart from this, Union National Bank is that bank owned by the government of Abu Dhabi as well as Dubai. For this reason, trustworthiness of this bank has been increased to its customers and different types of customers became highly interested in attaining banking and financial services from this bank for a long period of time. Is the organization, local or global? Although, the Union National Bank is quite popular and reputed, still it operates within largely the markets of Abu Dhabi and also in United Arab Emirates. This means it operates within the local territory of Abu Dhabi majorly but not in global perspectives. Therefore, in-spite of its operations being local, the key financial indicators in the Income Statement of UNB increased with a significant rate in last three years as presented below. Thus, the graph shows a constant rise of profit margin, revenues and net income of the Union National Bank in the mentioned years and so it proved extremely beneficial for the bank to retain its sustainability in the market. It is mainly, due to its varied types of products and services such as consumer, agricultural, trade finances for small business or machines, corporate loans, securities brokerage services, along with custody services, and sponsoring Visa credit cards and many other brands. Therefore, due to such reasons, it attracts large number of new customers towards its branches. Differences of the HR of Union National Bank and other Global organization Human resource management is one of the most responsible and dependable activity among others within an organization because it helps in maintenance of the human resources or employees of the organization in an effective and controlled way so as to enhance the productivity and portfolio of the organization in the market among others. It is the human resource that helps in improvement of the profit margin and efficiency of the organization as well as the employees. Therefore, both the goals and objectives of the organization as well as the employees get fulfilled significantly (Hayton & et. al. 245). And as a result, the experienced employees retain within the organization for longer period of time resulting amplifying its reputation in the market. However, this might be possible only due to the presentation of certain activities such as planning, staffing, compensation, appraisals, performance evaluations, trainings, proper relationships within all, proper culture and uniformity. In-spite of these above mentioned points, the HR of an organization also includes varied other responsibilities that might help in motivating the employees towards their duties and work. And it widely varies from the organizations serving in global markets as compared to domestic ones. This is because, in case of global HRM, there remains functional heterogeneity, numerous types of risks, employees of diverse culture and creed, higher influence of external environment as well as functional activities. Therefore, the Hr present within the Union National Bank tackles the employees of the local place and also had to handle the functional activities and risks of the areas of United Arab Emirates and not of the entire globe. So, his is quite relieved from those HR individual tackling employees activities in global perspectives (Dowling 110). The prime responsibilities of the HR of Union National Bank are presented as below: Staffing- it is the process by which, an HR of the organization selects the employees as per their talents and expertise’s, for both present and future requirements Recruitment-it is the process of selecting employees for varied posts so as to fill-up the vacancies of the banks. Training and development- arrangement of varied types of training and development programs so as to increase the level of skills and talents of the employees. Performance appraisal- doing performance appraisals of the employees and presenting their incentives and salary hikes (Briscoe & et. al. 143). Compensation- presenting the salary cheques to the employees of each and every department of the organization. Improvement required in the responsibilities of Hr of Union National Bank The Hr of the Union National Bank is quite effective and tactful person and performing his duties in a successful way. All the activities mentioned above are exactly right for the employees so as to make them more responsible and dedicated towards their work. And this might also help them in enhancing their skills and talents. So, these duties are exact right for an Hr and for the organization as well (McCourt 234). But in order to enhance the level of performance of the employees, it’s essential to implement regulatory framework within the organization. This means, the employees might be transferred to certain other branches of the United Arab Emirates so that they might enhance their ways of work and responsibilities. Works Cited Briscoe, D. & et. al. “International Human Resource Management, 4E”. 2012. New York: Routledge. Print. Dowling, P. J. “International Human Resource Management: Managing people”.2008. London: Thomson Learning. Print. Hayton, J. & et. al. “Global Human Resource Management Casebook”. 2012. New York : Routledge. Print. McCourt, W. “Global Human Resource Management: Managing People”. 2003. London: GRIN Verlag. Print. Read More
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Global Human Resource Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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