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MGT499 Mod 2 Case - Strategic Management External Analysis - Coursework Example

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Strategic Management: Surname/name: Institution : Strategic Management of Harley-Davidson Corporation There are many different objectives, vision, mission and goals that a company want to achieve. Developing proper management and strategic plans in any organization, will improve not only the way it carries it operations, but its market, McBee, R…
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MGT499 Mod 2 Case - Strategic Management External Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The responsibility drawn towards the natural role played by the strategic management committee does not only oversee the company’s internal management, but it extends the boundary into external marketing issues that affects the company’s marketing and operations. Although diversification in the field of technology has produced competitive edges in the motor industry, the organization has continued to thrive in its domestic markets. What if the management wanted to thrive into better and bigger competitive markets in abroad? Does it have the necessary resources and leadership criteria to improve its development and market development? Therefore in this thesis development looking into Harley-Davidson Corporation will help us develop proper understanding towards the understanding if the company’s resources can support it venture into the international markets and it can fair with the intensified competition, McBee, R. D. (2011). To define the necessary steps that can be taken by the HD Executives in making worthy decision making, the PEST analysis model will provide different support alternative to substitute in the basic strategic decision making by the company. This is going to create light and provide direction towards the understanding of the national factors that can affect the development a better ground breaking strategy by the company. The porter 5’s analysis tools are essential in defining what goes and how the company will fight against the external factors such as economy and price fluctuations to fit in their agendas and budgets. In general it is all about what the company will in order to curb the many external factors that may affect the operations of the company. Importance of PEST and Porter’s 5 Forces analysis in Harley-Davidson Corporation These are the main models that can help the organization in their daily findings and operations. In order to maintain their competitive edge they have demonstrated over the time, different issues have to be taken into considerations. Technology and price fluctuations The two models try to define the main important factors affects new and better ventures for any business company that wants to improve it operations. Looking at the corporation of HD, many subsidiaries have been established due to the rapid diversification in the field of motor manufacturing. This has developed many different versions of motors in the market. The many versions and technology trends tend to change the supplier and buying power of certain products relatively in accordance to corporation brands. Technology has changed the way redesigning and management of the aspects is planned and developed through operations, supplying to the market and price dependency, Bonham, S. S. (2008). Therefore the main strategic organization of the company should view and developed the necessary decisions in regard to technological changes in the region and market. Rapid development and establishment of different processing and marketing outlets in the market can affect the normal way a company runs its operation. Through the necessary procedures and steps taken by the marketing and producing departments of the corporation, it is important to change the aspect of supply, design and price variance in its products. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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