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Kano Model - Assignment Example

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This essay describes the Kano Model, that is a model developed by Dr. Noriaki Kano in 1980s describes three attributes of a product which include the threshold, performance, and excitement. These are attributes increase a customer’s enjoyment of the product or service…
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Kano Model
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Extract of sample "Kano Model"

Download file to see previous pages According to the article, the main purpose of the Kano Model is increasing the customer’s happiness by improving the quality of the product or service provided. Every business organization has to out into consideration the features of any product before releasing it to the market. For successful implementation of the Kano model, a number of steps have to be completed. Fitting in all the features and attributes of a product is the first step. Then the organization should classify the features as either threshold, performance and excitement attributes. The article argues that all the attributes of the product must be fully satisfied to ensure employee satisfaction. Further, the article argues that for successful implementation of the model, the organization has to desist from focusing on the performance of the organization to major on the product attributes. The Kano model is very significant as it helps an organization in identifying customer needs, defining purposes that have necessities as well as carrying out an analysis of the competitive products in the market. Essential tools for the success of the Kano of the technique include customer involvement, value analysis, prioritizing matrices and ensuring the quality of the products. IV. KEY LEARNING POINTS Definition of Kano model- it is a model designed to improve the happiness of an organization’s customers through decisions aimed at improving the quality of products and services. Importance of the Kano model- its main importance is providing high-quality products to the customers, which lead to high customer satisfaction. The Kano model also helps in identifying factors that lead to customer dissatisfaction. Categories of the Kano technique include threshold attributes, considered as the most important attributes, Excitement Attributes that necessarily catapults the customers’ level of satisfaction and Performance Attributes that aims at improving customer satisfaction. V. RELEVANT STATEMENTS TO THE SESSION The main advantage of the Kano model is that it opens and widens the reasoning of business organizations, putting more emphasis on the features of the product which improves customer satisfaction. Kano model stresses on customer judgment of a product or service in the market. The original developer of the model was Dr. Noriaki Kano in 1980s, where he raised claims that for a product to capture the customers it must have three attributes include threshold, performance and excitement attributes. Steps involved in successful implementation of the Kano technique include settling on the most important and essential features of a product or service that customers deem as important and crucial in satisfying their needs. The next step involves classifying the identified features as either threshold, performance and excitement attributes respectively. Other performances and non-relevant attributes require trimming in order to develop fully the threshold attributes. VI. CRITICAL ANALYSIS According to the article, the Kano theory aims at improving the customer’s level of satisfaction. As such, all business organizations aims at providing the best quality product or services to the people geared to winning their loyalty.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Kano Model Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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