Relationship marketing - case of Tesco - Dissertation Example

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In this report the researcher will establish a relationship marketing strategy for Tesco, the multinational company. The researcher has described that what is relationship marketing actually and the importance of relationship marketing in the era of globalization. …
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Relationship marketing - case of Tesco
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the relationship marketing is the form of marketing where the firms emphasize more on customer satisfaction and customer retention rather than pushing the product. The companies are rather taking a pull strategy for developing new product and acquire the customers. When a company has good relation with its customers then the customers will become loyal to the company and that will help the company also acquire new customers. In the era of globalization the competition between the firms are intense, and for retaining the market share the companies need to develop some innovative strategy of marketing so that the customers become more attracted to their products. When a company is trying to push the products then the customer might loss attraction for their products because the products of the concerned company may not be meet the customer requirements. The customers may shift their attention to any other brand where they can get the products as per their requirements. As a result the revenue of the former company gets affected as well as their profit. So for retaining the market share the companies should stop using the push marketing strategy, instead they need to use the pull marketing strategy. The companies should consider the customer requirements with the most importance, and for become the market leader the companies should develop a good relationship with the customers. ...
They have to face the political challenges of different countries and competition from the local competitors. The opportunities of the local competitors are that they can develop the relationship with the local customers easily where it is tough for the multinational competitors. The local companies can understand what the customers want as they are operating in the same country. But the companies which are operating globally they need to understand the local customers need for generating revenue and profit from the country. The requirements of the customers differ from one country to another. The companies need to understand the customer requirements of different countries for generating profit from that country. For knowing the customer requirements the multinational companies need to conduct the market research in that particular country. Through the marketing research processes the companies can come to know about the customer needs, the customer also feel that the company is trying to utilizing their responses. Through these processes the companies can come close to the customers, the relation between the customer and the company get improved. For achieving the sustainable market share and gaining profit the companies need to make some long term strategies. The customers are the main stakeholders of the company. The customers naturally obtain for the company where they can get maximum value in a relatively lower price. The customers expect that the product will obviously meet their basic requirements and as well as they can get some more benefits from that product. The customers will go for the brand where they can get maximum benefits after meeting the basic requirements. In this report ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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