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Compare and contrast three research strands and discuss what they contribute to our understanding of ledership effectiveness - Essay Example

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Leadership Effectiveness Introduction: Leadership & its effectiveness Traditional theorist believes that leadership theories are the main reasons behind the growth and development of an organization. It is believed that the growth of the nations depends upon the leadership strategies followed by the managers (Ozaralli, 2003)…
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Compare and contrast three research strands and discuss what they contribute to our understanding of ledership effectiveness
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Download file to see previous pages The importance and the usefulness of leadership strategies depend upon the traits and characteristics of the managers which will help in increasing the organizational output and improving the existing managerial systems. Leadership helps in developing a positive organizational structure and solving complex organizational problems. It helps in addressing the basic organizational problems which would help in understanding complex interpretation of problems. Traditional theorist regarded leadership theories as an integrated approach which would help in the smooth execution of business activities and also attainment of goals and objectives (Pimentel, Kuntz and Elenkov, 2010). Later, the contemporary theorists regarded the theory instrumental in the attainment of goals and also the ability to influence the followers (Evans, 2003). The contemporary leadership theories believed that the present day employer employee relationship should be replaced by superior subordinate relationship instead of a man servant relationship. The leadership theories constitute of various groups and the employees work together in unification towards the attainment of a common shared goal. These theories help the employees in providing and environment which would help in inspiring the employees by providing them with financial motivators like rewards, incentives, benefits etc. However, the contemporary theorist also believes that the leadership theories should enable the alignment of the organizational goals with their personal interests (Groves, 2006) Leadership functions enable the managers and the employees to attain their goals and objectives and also the development of strategies and directions which can increase the organizational outcome. The study will deal with various facets and dimensions of the leadership theories and its effectiveness. The author of the study will also give an insight into the impact of the leadership theories in varied managerial situations. The prime objective of the study will also give certain highlights to the characteristic portrayal and the traits of the managers and its execution abilities. Finally, the study will conclude with the comparison between the traits, situational and transformational theories. Trait theory and its Implications In the earlier part of the twentieth century it was assumed by the theorists that the varied leadership characteristics and traits cannot be separated from each other. The individuals were largely influenced by leadership theories that focussed on the maintenance of the influential power of the superiors. According to the trait theory developed by the Ralph Stodgill in the year 1974 it was observed that the qualities of most of the leaders were directly associated with a definitive set of identified traits. The same set of identified traits will help in bringing cooperativeness and likeness among the employees of the organization. As per the theory developed by Shaw and Fraser in the year 1978 it was observed that the leaders tend to score high marks based on the ability, intelligence, relevance and verbal ability of the managers (A.G Canen & A. Canen, 2000).Traditional trait approach focused on the personality attributes of the managers and contributed to managerial effectiveness. Traditional theorists developing the traits approach believed that every manager should have a unique set of characteristics that would set it apart from the other managers. It was believed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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